Awareness Through Movement®

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Feel Good Feldenkrais®

Easy to combine with any exercise or workout program

     Feldenkrais® Movement increases the effectiveness of Yoga, Tai Chi,  walking, swimming and all professional and recreational sports.  This is the supplement your exercise program needs.  Feldenkrais® helps you:

·        Work Smarter, Not Harder

·        Learn How to Relax Deeply

·        Release Hidden Pains, Stresses and Tensions

·        Avoid Sudden Loss of Balance

·        Maintain Strong Bones and Flexible Joints

Your Body Teaches Your Brain with Feldenkrais® Movement

     Reprogram your brain through creative movement processes.  These amazing but simple exercises establish mind/body connections through body awareness. Your body effectively re-educates your brain, improving overall efficiency and function in many unexpected areas of your life.  Feldenkrais® not only changes bodies and minds, it changes lives.

Movement Classes Start on Oct.5

Time:  Mondays  7:30 – 8:45 p.m. Location:  Lake Forest;  Please dont park at cul-de-sac (Tear Drop End of Street Terminous )

Cost:  $60 per series of 4 classes ; Bring your own matt  and wear comfortable clothing

Taught by Suze Angel, M.A., C.F.T., R.M.T. Certified Feldenkrais® Teacher and  Registered Movement Therapist

Disabled by a fall, Suze Angel rehabilitated herself completely through a four year Feldenkrais® professional training program with its originator, Moshe Feldenkrais.   Suze’s own journey of self healing has led her to explore many related disciplines which she incorporates into her work.  In addition to her extensive training, she brings 25 years of professional experience and expertise to her students, enriching their lives while meeting their individual challenges.


For information and pre-registration call Suze Angel

Space is limited!  Pre-Registration Required   Phone (949) 494-4998   Cell (949) 677-3434 Email to:

  Private Lessons and Individual Bodywork Sessions Available by Appointment


Last revised October 1, 2009