Tao Interactive Series (Igniting the Souls Energy)

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This Interactive Study Group is based from Author/instructor John A. Salat; An experiential series that will deliver the distinctions of energy flow from mind, body and emotions using deep intensive Tao integration methods. This high voltage series utilizes a workbook from "Tao, Art of Flow" that offers practical communication skills to integrate with family, work place & intimate relationships. Series also provides Tao energy takeaways that will ignite the soul’s energy deeply and with open insightful reflective moments.

    -Experience deeper dimensions from your vital being.
    -Choosing life from energy moments rather than thinking moments.
    -Using Tao energy awareness to spontaneously release all stress types.
    -Allow your spirit to Flow effortlessly and timelessly.
    -Watch miracles daily pour through your life.
    -Improve mental and emotional health for integrated vitality.
    -Clearer mind and emotional distinctions with self and others for better communication.
    -Explore intimate wisdom and life engagement to its fullest.

    Call today and reserve your seat as this class is expected to sell out due to limited room (949) 340-7408
    Course Regis
tration $10 per class. Please Register for this event on line here
Temple of Light
    Location: The Temple of Light, 23832 Rockfield, Suite 195, Lake Forest, CA 92630 (949) 340-7408
    (Just off the 5 Fwy between El Toro Blvd & Lake Forest Blvd on the corner of Rockfield & Mercury ).

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