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John Salat has over 20 years experience with Chi Work.  Clients include well known actors, producers writers, politicians and those well establish in the holistic practice. He is a certified Reiki Master, Teacher and Siddha and has followed through many graduate courses related to energy work.  As an energy practitioner, John not only finds teaching a passion, but enjoys witnessing others in energy transformation.  His engagement to linking the Chi stream to those he touches brings the utmost satisfaction.   He is passionately involved in influencing this energy as a quality of life by sharing these rediscovered treasures.

Reiki Lineage Chart
Additional names followed through each successor where we can only assume that there are millions
of Reiki Practitioners of the world today that adds to the lineage of generations not mentioned below.

The practitioners and their successors
         Ancestral Unknown; Possible Pre India/Pre China Culture
                     1870s  Dr. Mikao Usui (Founder through Ancestral Spirit)
                     1900s  Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
                     1939  Mrs. Hawayo Takata
                     1950's John Gray and Barbara Ray
                     1982  Diane Ruth Shewmaker
                     1996 John A. Salat; Through traditional Usui System of Natural Healing*
                                    * Initiated by Dan Esparza for Masters in 1996 of 6th generation and later with Diane Shewmaker who is 5th Generation of the Usui lineage.
"Karuna Reiki"
1999 Carol Swim with "Circle of Life Foundation" in certification of "Karuna Reiki"
(Tibetan Healing/Hawaiian Kahuna Shaman style)
Sekhem Lineage
1980's   Patric Zeiger
1997   Daine Ruth Shewmaker
2000  John A. Salat
Seichim Lineage
1980's   Patric Zeiger
Tom Seaman
Faun Parliman
Phoenix Summerfield
Daverna Sheilds Gabriel
Kay Hudson Wohl
Sandra Koppe
Liliana Kilgallen Shenk
1995   Daine Ruth Shewmaker
2000 John A. Salat
Photo 2001; John Salat on a Ancient China Tour to the
Holy Mountain Summit of Mt. Tai, revered over the centuries
in turn by Taoist, Buddhists & Confucianists
Detailed Profile
John Salat                                 Reiki Master, Chi Instructor, Musician & Architect
In the 70's, John was drawn to the Human Potential movement. The transformation educational programs include Lifespring, EST, and ARAS. His leadership role as training coordinator with Life Spring deepened his life experiences.  During that time, John explored other mediums for human awareness using active meditation of T'ai Chi Chuan and Yoga.  He practiced T'ai Chi of all 64 forms, "Kuang Ping" style, blindfolded. In late 70's, his active meditation shifted to passive styles using TM and Actualism. John explored tranquil meditations from Middle East using "mantra's"  "sutra's" and later visual light energy journey work. By 1981, he became a Siddha, graduate of Transcendental Meditation; TM-Siddha advancement course.

 "I'm very effected by both esthetics and tranquility," relates John, who is a successful Southern California licensed architect by profession. In addition to tranquil architecture design, John composed and produced an ambient new age CD entitled "Echoes of the Heart".  His tranquil album played over 500 radio stations and hit as most frequent played album for one major radio station. John also appeared on KDOC Channel 56 of "Southland Today", WRAP Channel 29, "It's a Wrap", and public access channel, "DDTV, for his music achievements.

 His enrollment in "Artist Way" classes not only unblocked his creative energy for expression, but also enable him to lead some Artist Way classes by introducing transformational energy tools for healing. Using enthusiasm as a key to expression, John went into improvisational theater. He partook in several public showcases allowing spontaneity come to play with fellow students; often what he refers to "Energy Theater". Meanwhile, away from theater, writing, and architecture, John occasionally retreated to Big Sur "Esalen Institute" where he enrolled in a handful of workshops supporting his interest of eastern/western body and mind awareness relating to body energy development.

 In the mid 90's, John's studies of ancient east drew him into the easy-flow nature of Sumi brush painting. His enthusiasm help capture the spirit of Zen using explosive nature of ancient art and symbols. The symbolic search motivated John to finish the final Reiki training. Since completing the Reiki mastership, he has conducted many group and individual sessions. (John Salat is 5th generation in the lineage of the Reiki founder Dr. Mikao Usui at 150 years ago).

To enhance Reiki, John was certified through 3 other energy advance Reiki lineage methods exploring multi-cultural healing techniques in certification of "Karuna Reiki" and through other lineage of Sekem-Sechim of SKHM International methods. John Salat also been personally trained through very rare international Chinese Masters in the chi awareness genre of both Qigong and Tai Chi.  Most recently, John has been certified as a Hasya Yoga leader. John continued to study energy work by comparing variety of techniques of Tao energy with Reiki to augment Chi.  Presently, his education embraces Reiki with Taoist energy in styles of T'ai Chi, Qigong with western models of awareness movement classes.

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