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  Breif Biography

John Salat has over 25 years experience with Chi Work. John was certified through several other energy advance Reiki lineage methods exploring multi-cultural healing techniques in certification including "Usui Shiku Ryoho Reiki", "Karuna Reiki", "Kwan Yin" Reiki, and through other lineage of Sekem-Sechim of SKHM International methods.  John continued to study energy work by comparing variety of techniques of Bio energy with Reiki to further augment Chi. 

Reiki Lineage Chart
Additional names followed through each successor where we can only assume that there are millions
of Reiki Practitioners of the world today that adds to the lineage of generations not mentioned below.

The practitioners and their successors
         Ancestral Unknown; Possible Pre India/Pre China Culture
                     1870s  Dr. Mikao Usui (Founder through Ancestral Spirit)
                     1900s  Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
                     1939  Mrs. Hawayo Takata
                     1950's John Gray and Barbara Ray
                     1982  Diane Ruth Shewmaker
                     1996 John A. Salat; Through traditional Usui System of Natural Healing*
 * Initiated by Dan Esparza for Masters in 1996 of 6th generation and later with Diane Shewmaker who is 5th Generation of the Usui lineage.

"Karuna Reiki"
1999 Carol Swim with "Circle of Life Foundation" in certification of "Karuna Reiki"
(Tibetan Healing/Hawaiian Kahuna Shaman style)
Sekhem Lineage
1980's   Patric Zeiger
1997   Daine Ruth Shewmaker
2000  John A. Salat
Seichim Lineage
1980's   Patric Zeiger
Tom Seaman
Faun Parliman
Phoenix Summerfield
Daverna Sheilds Gabriel
Kay Hudson Wohl
Sandra Koppe
Liliana Kilgallen Shenk
1995   Daine Ruth Shewmaker
2000 John A. Salat
Kwan Yin
2006 Master Nancy Kimes
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