Silverscapes Music Mission

After a successful radio and press campaign with our last title "Echoes of the Heart," we are currently seeking new artists for an expanding catalog.

We want to establish a label company with the cutting edge-- the most innovative and commercial viable music in New Age genre. Silverscapes Music will add additional titles making a complete library of carefully hand selected artist in similar product line for the year of 1995.

Our consumers projection for this year will support a need for calming, uplifting audio environment selections. We feel these interest will position towards modern expressive dance, escapive exotic journeys and perhaps other appealing ambient music textures, adding color with imagination to the quality of life.

Borrowed blends of synthesizer and popular rhythmical world elements will be the future objective. By carefully selecting craft inspired instrumental arrangements, the overall theme of peace and exaltation is the target for new products.

Whether for entertainment or nurturing ambience, Silverscapes Music is committed to world peace through the music medium of borrowed ethnic counterparts.
Notably, we want to thank everyone for past participation with Silverscapes by making our dreams possible for others to share .

John Salat

Owner/Silverscapes Music

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