Radio Play List

"Echoes of the Heart" is an inventive contemporary instrumental recording ideal for NAC programming. The Relaxing yet sophisticated sounds stirs the imagination for listeners thereby blending in any environment of work, home or travels in the car.

1. Eratica 3:05 An burst of unpredictable sounds and composition loosely fused by soft African percussion, flutes and other eclectic instruments

2. Satin Dreams 3:05 Slow sweeping heart felt piano ballad thicken with ambient textures and strings; soften by brass lead

3. Silverdrops 2:46 Sparkling and soft glistening textures balance by gentle warm Flute and French horn

4. Odyssey 4:56 An symphonic journey burst with sweeping changing landscape of rhythmic scenarios complemented with Oboe and other painted impressionistic sounds and instruments

5. Lokojo 5:02 Birds mysteriously chirping in echoes of a night tropical forest, the exotic playful temperament of pan pipes, spangly chimes and other sounds stirs the imagination; haunting yet exhilarating to the senses

6. Air Rider 3:04 Light airy sensations bursting outwardly into gliding ease--soar through an ecstatic journey of colored skies and sculptured clouds.

7. China Wind 4:00 Eastern breeze drifts you to high mountain temples--a metaphor of world influence instruments of Bells, Chimes, Ney Flute, Koto, Harp and others

8. Morning Tides 3:00 Awaken to a new coastal sunrise; a cerebral musical expression that enlivens and refreshes the body in an awakening synthesis of sounds lead by a flute

9. Journey to the Heart 3:46 An heart felt pulsation fills human breath and blood. Subtle drums resemble sounds and rhythm of the heart beat while a gentle piano roll fills the spirit.

10. Cascade Falls 3:45 Majestic liquid light cascades over rugged rocks forming misty streams and brilliant rainbows

11. Reflections 3:24 Rippling piano echoes heart felt sensations with fire, grace and passion

12. Restful Hollow 3:10 Neoclassical sounds that can evoked fairies from a sleepy afternoon; blessed by sonic isolation of woodwinds and synthesized melodies.

13. Fields of Ice 4:35 Cutting fingers of wind, ice and water carve gorges of white fields into a shimmering smooth gloss winter of landscape.

14. Voyage of Fortune 4:18 Strings and orchestration captures a neo-classical mood embracing both darkness and light dreamy gestures, leading to an mystical fortune

15. Saunter 3:15 Acoustical guitar and other complementary synthesis draws an intriguing landscape of brilliant and vibrant colored sound textures.

16. Chabara 3:15 Wistful and crude Chinese bell sets a contemplative mood, stirring the imaginative wonders of far eastern places--a flute echoes from the fogged filled mountains

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