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“The success of good product design allows inhabitants an experience rising profusion of ‘Chi’ or vital breath,” says Salat whose inspiration comes from his own loving zenergy blend of “Implied Feng Shui,” “Wabi Sabi” and “Applied Energy Kinesiology." If our home or work is our sacred place, then living with these spaces is literally our sanctuary".
- OC Home and Garden Magazine

Differentiating From Other Architects
Traditionally we think of programming as a verbal exchange exercise, yet our service expands a quieter dialogue in identifying what people really want from their environment. This alternate approach transforms an art referred as "Zenergy," tuning the outside world with the inside human experience. It all falls harmoniously and flow with living space when the connection of the human body responds positively with the outer environment. Utilizing unique interactive tools allow a completion with design integration, optimally blending natural states that offers a personal atmosphere far from any other architectural profession.

Revealing Needs
The first step is synergizing humans with their environments is a process known as "Applied Kinesiology." This quick and easy method is muscle testing procedure of allowing the body to speak its natural intelligence with surroundings. The cognitive mapping of our inner body stores information as immediate feedback within mechanism of the nervous system and skeletal muscles. Through this simple procedure, the architect can rule-in or rule-out specific compatible items on the design program list. The respondents reveal their individual insights from range of specific product choices for compatibility. All our sensory influences such as visual, tactile, and chemical have direct impacts to each individual differently as there really is no common ground. Unbounded, the results to using these real-time empirical means allows one to ascertain the most effective design, promote greater health and vitality at their home or work place.

Defining Beauty to Fulfill Aesthetic Desires
This intuitive science artfully splashes geometrical shapes, colours, and textures that orchestrate the final building materials in front of ones very eyes. Energy Kinesiology applications reveals information closer to our very nature, perpetuating the masculine ‘yang’ with the feminine ‘yin' balance of energy.” Working intimately in this way with clients orchestrate a palatable hierarchy so one can ascertain the most effective design for aesthetic appeal. In addition to interactive testing methods, Intuitive Feng Shui streams the placement between art, space with architecture, bridging all elements organically to connect energetic flow with relationships to surroundings. Lastly, Wabi Sabi (Cousin to Zen) derived from the ancient eastern aesthetics system, amplifying the simple, yet as a clean medium ignites the soul boundlessly of transcending energy with beauty. These in-depth aesthetic systems pleasantly invite all design elements in concert.

Vitalization for Design
Vilatilization occurs from self renewal into restoration, an essential element to the human function in living spaces. A sanctuary to this freedom integrates holistic design as healing medium that promotes the energy level of living environment. In employing this Zen-like flow of architecture, we pour modern contemporary minimalism in balance with ancient aesthetic principles. This remarkable ‘Zenergy approach’ stimulates yet grounds them with peaceful surroundings. Combining serene landscaping with simple sculptural forms, treasured decor, the architecture details for its structure transforms complete. Our interaction with our clients allows the dreams to merge with the dreamer and produce a solid interwoven package. As we weave moods and expressions, our projects spatially evolve 3D emotions into a palatable, richer, and deeper architectural existence. As we begin carving out solitude, our service unite clients to the entire project setting as one unified force, be it a remodel, dream home, or commercial setting, we enable people to tap their truest spirit of energy flow.

Founders Statement
As an educator/master in the asian arts of bio-energy medicine, John A. Salat (Founder) has devoted two and a half decades of holistic and architectural experience. His energy flourishes endlessly through advocating his instinctive nature of use to suitable products. Whether finding the right treasures, recycle products, and designing the right building, we are committed from start to finish. As an Licensed Architect and Chi Master, I warmly invite a balanced relationship with clients that bridge the ancient aesthetic with modern western accents of technology as both coexist with human living flow.

We welcome the opportunity to review your program needs.

Contact: John Salat at freeingwinds@earthlink.net or call 949-235-4847

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