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Cave Explorers who hike great depths of caverns travel in the devoid of stimulus, light or sound. Only the unbroken pulse of their own heartbeat sustains them with its constant rhythm. From out of quietness comes John's music, a beacon beaming through caverns.

As an architect, John Salat is capable of designing buildings, palaces and domes. As a musician and composer he is building a musical bridge spanning entire centuries, cultures and genres. Using sound palettes as building blocks, Salat has united ancient percussion, ambient sound and the digital future into his first Silverscapes Music CD release "Echoes of the Heart".

Born in southern California, Salat grew up in a family of art collectors whose world treasures, paintings, crafts, and statues filled his childhood home and influenced his earliest grasp of esthetics. Studying art and architecture at college he played classical guitar, but avant-garde architecture (which he refers to as frozen music) was his main creative outlet.

Salat's visionary muse returned to music as a result of working late and stressful hours in an office and tuning his imagination while listening to New age music. The sounds that he heard nourished his spirit, heart and intellect, and subsequently constructed a high-tech digital recording studio to compose and record music expressing a specific blend of sounds and textures."Creating music is like tone painting on a sound canvas; the sounds are visual palettes of colors", says John.

Although the category of "New Age" could conceivably fit Salat's music, he prefers a wider term " New Adult Contemporary World " (NAC/World) to define the reach of his songs. Whatever the definition, the effect on listening is subtle but profound; a cerebral massage.

John hopes that his music, with the cross-culture reference, can help bring people together. "I would simply like to unite hands around the globe without prejudice or alienation, and the metaphor of world music is a common ground for that experience."

The song titles of Echoes of the Heart provide intriguing keys to the upcoming auditory experience. Satin Dreams, Silver Drops and China Wind as well as Salat's 13 additional selections, invite the listener on a 60 minute evocative journey through darkness and light, and into the limitless resources of their own imagination.

It is unlikely that John will perform live due to difficulty in recreating real time music in of a controlled studio. His future goal is to utilize his visual musicscapes to film. The music compositions provoke images and stirs imagination for film, taking listeners to places.

Salat refers to himself as an artist rather than a musician. His dramatic 3-D audio landscape is a magical subcontinent where warm tonal winds sweep along colored skies of orchestration while percussive warmth reflects the earth. World Mysticism blends with western melodies into a state of uplifting, inspiring tranquillity, inspired global dreaming; echoes of the heart.


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