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     Welcome to a collection of lesson plans on CD, formatted in Microsoft WORD so that you can easily add on or change the students’ worksheets quickly in order to be able to customize them to your classroom.


     I believe in letting students work on their own as much as possible.  Therefore, most, if not all, of these lesson plans are written so that you just need to hand them to the students as the activity begins.  Then, they continue to work by themselves.  Of course, you are there to encourage, guide and answer questions, and to keep them on task!  I have found that given interesting activities, students are usually engaged in the learning process and there are fewer discipline problems. 


     The lessons, then, are already formatted for you to use directly in your classroom.  You do not need to write the specific directions for the activity yourself, nor are you limited to just telling the students the directions orally (they don’t listen anyway!)  There may well be times, though, when the lesson is too advanced for your students.  All you have to do then is to reword the questions a littler simpler, not have so many questions, and make the font larger.


     I hope you will enjoy these lessons.  I have given copyright permission for you to copy them for your classroom; I would ask, however, that you do not share them between teachers, but just ask your friend to also purchase a CD from the Website.  Thanks   


     Please write if you have questions and comments.  I would love to hear from you.  Have a great year teaching and hope for many more.


All the best, from



    Earth Science Lesson Plans


    Life Science Lesson Plans


    Physical Science Lesson Plans


    Teaching About Weather




   Take Your Class Outside! (Outdoor Science)

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