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These lessons are already formatted for you to use directly in your classroom. 
You do not need to write the specific directions for the activity yourself, as the sheets are self-explanatory.  This will help students to follow written directions on their own.
     There may well be times, though, when the lesson is too advanced for your students.  All you have to do then is to reword the questions a little simpler, not have so many questions, and make the font larger. 


     I hope you will enjoy these lessons. 

The following activities are on the CD:


Astronomy in the Almanac

Cookie Mining for Early Childhood

Cookie Mining

Daylight Saving time

Daylight Saving Time Early Childhood

Eclipse Research

Experiment: Sand or Soil

Geologic Time Line

How Deep is the Ocean? Almanac and map work

Jurassic Park NOVA video worksheet

Latitude and Longitude, Continents

Map Reading for Any Map

Moon Angles

Moon Watch

Moonset and moonrise

Oceans: 4 experiments: Salinity, Diffusion, etc

Ocean Currents: Bill Nye video worksheet

Precipitation and the Water Cycle

Scale Drawings

Seashore Eyewitness Video Guide

Soil Layers and Particles (2 experiments)


Sunrise, sunset

Topographical map-making


Board Games to Make


Ocean Adventure

Underwater Expedition

Game of the Planets

Space Game: Out of This World


Management Files




Yearly Plans

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