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Welcome to a collection of Physical Science lesson plans on CD, formatted in Microsoft WORD so that you can easily add on or change the students’ worksheets quickly in order to be able to customize them to your classroom.


     I hope you will enjoy these lessons.  I have given copyright permission for you to copy them for your classroom; I would ask, however, that you do not share them between teachers, but just ask your friend to also purchase a CD from the Web.  I kept the price low for this reason.  Thanks   


     Please write if you have questions and comments.  I would love to hear from you.     Have a great year teaching and hope for many more.


All the best, from






The following activities are on the CD:


Acids and Bases Around the House Advanced Lab

Balancing Clown

Comparing Bubble Solutions

Comparing Surface Tension of Liquids

Consumer Product Testing



Kool-aid Experiment


Marbles on Tracks

Olympics in the Almanac (Winter)

PE and Physics: Scooters
Playing the Prisms

Pollution Laboratory

Shapes of Bubble Makers

Water Molecules

Water on Coins

Water on Coin for Early Childhood

Winter Olympic Timeline

Winter Olympics Project

Working with chemical Indicators

Your Balance and the Center of Gravity


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Year Planning

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