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Equities, backgame probabilities and more

12-disc DVD set

Bearoff 15x15 has helped me greatly - I feel it is invaluable as a learning tool to play better in crucial over-the-board situations. I recommend this program to players of all levels, but particularly to those of intermediate strength and above.
       - Nack Ballard (rated #1 Giant of Backgammon)
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eXtreme Gammon

eXtreme Gammon, the best backgammon program in the world, now allows direct access to Bearoff 15x15!

One of the best ways to improve your
over-the-board play and win more end games!

Use DVDs directly or copy the data to a hard drive for faster and easier access. You can also spread the data among multiple smaller drives.

Requires Windows XP Home or Professional and a computer DVD drive. Over 50 GB of data!

12-disc set of DVDs includes four databases including exact Bearoff Equities for all bearoff positions in the home board, backgame hit probabilities, Hyper Backgammon equities, and 1-checker race probabilities. The databases are:

Bearoff 15x15 includes equities for 4 cube positions:

  • No cube
  • Roller's cube
  • Centered cube
  • Opponent's cube

47 GB solves approximately 3 BILLION positions, unavailable in any other software.

Backgame 8 provides probabilities of getting hit in backgame positions and displays the best move.

Hyper Backgammon Equities provides exact equities for all positions. This is the same data MrHyperBot uses on GamesGrid.

1 Checker Race provides 1-checker race equities. This covers all races of 375 pips or fewer and provides the 4 cube positions for each race. Use these equities to help decide doubles and takes in backgammon.

More detail for all of these databases are on the support page.

Programmers: The discs include VB code so you can access the data for bearoff research. This will also be useful for existing software to include a look-up feature to the data.

The complete 12-disc DVD set is $100.

Order from Carol J Cole at Backgammon Boutique

Support for this DVD set or superceded Volumes 1-3

Latest program file. (All data files are on DVDs).