Hugh Sconyers’


  • 12-disc DVD set

System requirements: Windows XP (Home or Professional) and a DVD drive. A standard CD-ROM will not work. 50 GB on one or more hard drives is helpful but optional.

Use the setup program located on disc #12. If you have room on a hard disk, create a folder called "Sconyers database" and copy the data files to it. For example, 'C:\Sconyers database" or "D:\Sconyers database".

You can also create these folders on as multiple hard drives and the program will locate them. If you don't have enough space for that, then you can copy some of the DVDs to your hard drive and that will provide a partial benefit.By installing the data from a DVD to your hard drive, the lookup will be faster and you will not need to insert that DVD for results.

Latest program file. (All data files are on DVDs).

Running the program
Click "BearOff 15x15" from your desktop or Start menu. All four databases (BearOff 15x15, BackGame 8 Points, Hyper BackGammon and The Race) are available when BearOff 15x15 starts.
BearOff 15x15
Exact equities for any bearoff position where both sides have 15 checkers or fewer in their home boards. There are equities for each of the four cube positions and a best-move feature.
BackGame 8 Points
Probabilities of getting hit in the bearoff. The side bearing off can have 1 to 15 checker in the first 8 points. The backgame side can have 1 to 4 checkers in Red's home board, Red's 7 point and/or the bar.
A backgammon variant where each side has 3 checkers. Checkers begin the game with checkers on the 24, 23 and 22 points. Gammons and backgammons count. This is a very fast paced and exciting game with lots of swings. You can look up the exact equities for all positions and cubes. There is also a best-move feature. This is the same data used by MrHyperBot on GamesGrid.
The Race
Equities for a race where each side has one checker. These equities are helpful in deciding whether a race in backgammon is a take, pass, double or redouble. The database covers all races of 375 pips or fewer.


The complete 12-disc DVD set is $100.

Order from Carol Cole at Backgammon Boutique

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