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Early years


Mike Keenan began film work at age 17, for KCTS in Seattle Washington, and apprenticed for a post production house in Pioneer Square.  He has numerous and varied experience as both a film and sound effects editor, and after attending NYU Film for his Masters, began recording sound professionally for independent features in and around New York, and then for the news magazine shows on the three major networks.

Mike is also an avid photographer, operating in darkrooms his entire life, shooting on location for documentary and other television shows.  Mike started in features, he is an expert with locations and with top equipment at his dipsosal.  Clients who call on Mike know they will get the highest quality to match the very highest standards of todays rigorous television programming.  He is an expert at location shooting and sound, with over 25 years in the industry.


KEM tables ruled Hollywood:  Cutting dailies on Stamp of a Killer

Our Mission

Our production company is here to serve all your needs with respect to location shooting.  Over the years we have taken our clients away from the stress of getting quality location audio and made them forget about it until they get an award for their show.  Services include aerial work captured with drones.

We believe everyone deserves to have their production recorded right.  If none of our packages look right for you, create your own and lets talk.  We are here to serve your needs, and make your production one you will always remember for the right reasons.