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Apprentice:  Martha Stewart

Adam Raia, Mike Keenan, Chip Goebert, Taylor Gilbert


I am insured for my gear and myself; networks 
carry liability insurance.

Producers and the companies they represent 
should have insurance for the productions that 
they hire us for, we are not a liability buffer.


Travel policy

Clients often ask what travel related 
costs here in New York can amount to.  

In New York, we aren't required to have
an automobile, as such, and are different
in that way from any other major city.  

To get to/from a location for a tech 
involves a subway, but a tech transporting film equipment is a whole other ball of wax.  While travel to Manhattan on subway is 
included, both the labor clock and transport fees start when we link in 
the city, either to shoot within it, or leave it for the first location, where
ever that is, and any transportation fees are charged back to the production for trains/car services/taxis leading to/from/back to base. 

Required car services or other vehicles that must be rented are the
responsibility of the production.

217 Thompson Street Suite 163 New York New York 10012