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Sound Recording

We can get you the crew you need for ALL SITUATIONS, including undercover and war zone shooting.

Available Packages

ENG on location

Basic package consists of an SQN 4 channel stereo mixer, Sennheiser 416 48v powered microphone, 2 Sanken breakaway lavalier, 2 Sony 77b lavalier, 2 frequency agile Lectrosonics 205 diversity wireless systems, or 2 Lectro 411a diversity systems, Vandenberg 6 stage graphite boom pole and the related carrying bags.  We also use Sennheiser MKE2 microphones, which are hideable and are the workhorse of the reality shows.

second mixer is $40/day extra 

extra lectro wireless systems are $50/day each 

timecode transcription tapes are made for $25 plus $3/ea for the tapestock 

extra microphones and other client requested gagetry is all worked out at a fair package price.


10 hour work day 

overtime is calculated at time plus one half, per hour.

$400/day documentary rate 

$500/day commercial rate 

$550/day feature rate


The rate for ENG sound equipment is $100/day 

The rate for a Sony Z-7U HDV package is $250/day 

The rate for a Sony PMW EX-3 HD package is $350/day 

We now use Sony cameras which shoot in NTSC and PAL, they are completely "world formatted."

We rent camera and sound gear only for use by one of our qualified field technicians.


Feature Film/Agency Advert

Feature style shooting involves a sound cart, a Sonosax 8 channel mixer, recording onto a Nagra VI, HD recorders such as a Sound Devices 744T or 788T, or a multi-track digi machine like a Zaxcom Deva or a Fostex PD6. 

6 wireless and 2 boom mics are employed with all the necessary drivers and transmission equipment. A weekly package price is negotiated with a contract beforehand, depending on the needs and budget of the production.

For more information call: (917) 519-7555, Mike will return your call if he's out shooting.  He will call you back on the next break.

217 Thompson Street Suite 163 New York New York 10012