Vol. IX  No. 9


September, 2014

The Scripps Ranch Music Club


Welcome once again to the website of the Scripps Ranch Music Club.    This site serves our membership as well as those who have a general interest in our activities.   We invite you to browse through the site, and hope that you'll find its pages interesting and informative.  If this is your first visit we encourage you to return again periodically since several of the pages of this site change monthly.  If you're a member, we encourage you to watch for places where you might contribute to future updates.   Members are invited to share any interesting or amusing commentary that they may wish to offer to fellow readers; please send your material to

Each month the Programs page gets updated, along with the Musical Notes page, and any other revisions needed, such as Announcements updates.  Occasionally a temporary feature may appear on the newly revised Home page.  We make a serious effort to complete the update of the entire site before the end of the week of the most recent monthly meeting.  An announcement of the completion is sent to the membership via e-mail.  Comments, criticisms, and other editorial type observations by readers are most welcomed by your editor.


What's New This Month 

•   The September Meeting
The programs page contains our usual pictorial rundown of the recent meeting.  This one was at Eileen and Jim's, in Tierrasanta.

•   The Music Notes page

San Diego Opera Opens its 2014 - 2015 season with a marvelous concert.

Our choice this month for our featured composer/conductor/educator is Christoph von Dohnányi, for many years the Music Director of the Cleveland Orchestra.  Be sure to catch the Editor's Corner bit at the bottom of the page.


The Performers' Database


Members are invited to

Visit the SRMC Database

Wondering whether or not you performed that piece before?   You'll probably find the answer in the database!  Just click on the link or the arrow and enter your query.

And you might also wonder if someone else has performed the piece you're considering.  The database is a perfect way to find out!


The Music Club President
Subsequent to the "retirement" of our two "co-past-presidents," Wendel and Russ, Alan has assumed the reins of leadership and is already hard at work designing improvements to our club's operating procedures.  Some of his handiwork affects this website, and you will see evidence of it here and there.  A notable example is the disappearance of the entire Members section, including the roster; this material will be replaced by equivalent documents transmitted via e-mail from Alan directly to members, and by "copy-proof" roster (see the Announcements page for details) .  Members will enjoy the benefit of improved security and privacy, in particular, a near-zero probability that their e-mail addresses will be picked up by unscrupulous hackers and spammers.

We offer Alan's biographical sketch below:


Alan grew up in La Mesa and studied piano as a high-school youngster in the Pace Conservatory Program at San Diego State University in the early 1970s.  He later studied piano locally for many years with Gerard Betsche, a former student of Edwin Fischer.

In addition to accompanying a few choral ensembles, Alan performed at the Athanaeum Music and Arts Library in La Jolla during his college years at UCSD, while studying in the Engineering Department.  He has given concerts on a regular basis at local retirement and nursing facilities.

Alan settled with his wife, Ann, in Scripps Ranch in 1996 and regularly attended Music Club meetings until their son Jonathan was born, at which time he took a few year hiatus to tend to regular evening duties.  Jonathan debuted as an SRMC guest artist at the age of six, playing as soloist in David Rubinstein's One-Note Concerto (http://davidrubinstein.net/OneNoteConcerto.html).  Now in his teens and a talented artist, Jonathan has won or placed near the top in competitions and has entertained at a variety of events.  His performances in recent years on violin, flute, and piano have delighted audiences at the Scripps Ranch Music Club.

We hear one of Alan's sterling piano Grand Finales at the close of nearly every Club meeting and have come to look forward to them as one of the highlights of the meeting.  And we have watched young Jonathan growing up from a kid who played "one-note concerti" into an accomplished pianist, flutist, and violinist.  Both father and son are musicians of extraordinary talent, and we are greatly pleased to have their family as a part of our Club family.



And a Couple of Others ...

   The Musicologist


Marianne and Bob

Marianne (above, left) is the musicologist of the Scripps Ranch Music Club.  Long active as a non-performing member when her late husband, Bob, was playing Beethoven on the pianos of many members.   A charter member, Marianne keeps active in the Club with her scholarly presentations about composers and related music topics.  Husband Bob was a founding member of the Scripps Ranch Music Club.  He and Marianne are depicted above in the framed portrait that adorns the living room in their Scripps Ranch home.

The Webmeister


Jim is the Music Club's self-appointed Website Pooh-Bah.  His interest in computer graphics began in 1983 when he participated in the introduction of the early Macintosh desktop computers into the engineering education programs which he administered.

During the time of his tenure in the world of académe, Jim also founded and operated a part-time small business which focused on website design, thus equipping him with the expertise needed to create the pages you see herein.

The monthly meetings of the Music Club and the follow-on update of the Club's website are two of Jim's favorite pastimes.  The maintenance of the website has become something of a hobby by which, over the years, he has honed some skills in the art of web design and construction.

Our Mission

The Scripps Ranch Music Club is a small group of adult amateur musicians who like to perform for their fellow members for mutual enjoyment and entertainment.  We are a performance-based organization rather than a music appreciation group.  The only requirements for membership are:

a serious interest in music

at least a modest degree of accomplishment as a musician

a willingness to perform as a soloist or in ensemble for an audience of fellow members.

In addition, members are expected to either host a meeting or to assist with refreshments at a meeting at least once each year.

New members are always welcome; at present there are as many members enrolled as our meeting rooms will hold, but we'll be happy to place new applicants on the waiting list.



October 2014 Meeting

Our meeting next month will be on Sunday afternoon, October 12th, at 2:30 p.m., in Lawrence Welk Village.  Watch for the announcement that will come by e-mail message from the president to all members; please be sure to respond to his invitation message in order to obtain the location address and driving directions.  (Your reply is important; your hostess depends on it when planning for seating, refreshments, etc., and she will appreciate it).