2003 Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour: No Sunscreen Needed

Reported by Jon Sharratt, ABCE Event Chairman and 3-Speed Tour Shirt-Tail Organizer.

The first Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour  was, shall we say, different. I've tried to summarize various facets of it in this report but it's a bit like your first warm English beer: It doesn't sound appealing but the effect was spectacular. More photos will be posted soon.

Dave Siskind's ride report.


The weather made the headlines at the inaugural  3-Speed Tour. It started cool and overcast, so in a word: English. There was a little rainstorm before the town of Pepin but later in the day we heard there was a tornado in Lake City. Lake City is just a mile or 2 across the lake but we did not see nor hear anything. Sunday was drippy. Very drippy. This may sound horrible but I heard no complaints, in fact more than once I heard comments to the effect that "This isn't so bad!" or "I don't mind it!" or even "How did you arrange such perfect English weather?". 


I can't begin to do a complete job of this but suffice to say we had an incredibly diverse cross-section of cycling enthusiasts. Here are a few highlights: No less than 2 professional framebuilders and 2 authors, 6  (or so) collectors and cycling history buffs including 4 members of The Wheelmen, 2 cross-country cyclists, a River Rat and 3 people who actually make (or made) a living in the bicycle industry who aren't bitter. I know this adds up to more than the total of 14 but most people qualify for more than one category. The interesting part of this is I've only touched the tip of the iceberg.


The winner here is Raleigh but Moultons were well represented with 4 present: Melanie with a Series I Four-Speed, Ron with a  1 Series I Four-Speed and Jon with a full-chrome Series I. Mark had a nice Series III. The prettiest would have to be Chris' early 50s Bates B.A.R. followed closely by Terry Osell's 70s Osell and Richard's 51? Raleigh Lenton. Gregg joined us late Saturday with his 1961 Schwinn Traveler, the very same bicycle he rode from Minnesota to New York that year. Michael rode a 28" rod-braked Raleigh roadster that must have tipped the scales at 45 lbs but he was at the front of the pack all weekend. Noel had a Phillips Sports with original plaid panniers. Ron, Doug and Dave all had Raleigh Sports. A better list is on Dave's ride report.


Normally I don't like to chase numbers but I'll quote a couple to make a point. For Saturday we averaged about 5mph for the day. That's right, a brisk walking pace. Keep in mind we stopped at every historic marker, every scenic overlook and every bakery along the way. We stopped to let rain pass and lingered in Stockholm to look through an antique shop and get an architectural tour of the 1860s hotel. We ate ice cream in Nelson and at one point we realized our stops were coming about 8 minutes apart. 

Tour Book

The tour book proved quite popular. It was sized to fit in a shirt pocket and had descriptions of what to expect along the way. It was illustrated with a few select pages from the 1937 Raleigh catalog. It included a few questions with answers to be found along the route. If you participated in the tour and want the answers, just send an email and I'll forward them to you.


Noel Robinson: Yup, it was his idea.

Jon Sharratt: Shirt-Tail Organizer plus the little tourbook.

Glen "Sonny" Nelson: Thanks for driving the gear truck.

Thanks to all the attendees for making this such a fun event. Right from the start people were talking about "...next year..."