Frequently Asked Questions

What are the quick details?

Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15, 2016. 7:30am start at Bay Point Park in Red Wing Minnesota. Overnight in Wabasha Minnesota and returning to Red Wing about 3-4pm. About 85 miles total.

What does it cost?

$30 per Nutter. This includes the Tourbook and bag tag. You will also need money for tips, treats, breakfast ($15), lunch, dinner ($20) and lodging.

How do I sign up?

Forward an email to the STO I don't need your address but your home state would be nice. Payment is acceptable via Paypal or cash, check, money order, Pounds Sterling or, as usual, rusty lumps of iron from your shed. Paypal address:

Is this a Pub Crawl?

No. It's more like a Café Crawl.

Is traffic bad? I don't like busy roads.

Traffic is light, the shoulders are generally wide and the drivers are used to having cyclists around and normally give plenty of room to pass. There may be a few big trucks and loud motorcycles. The river crossing into Wabasha is narrow and busy but if you hold your line and stay to the right, you'll be OK.

What if I can't keep up?

On the 2003 3-Speed Tour we averaged approximately 5 MPH for the day. We stopped everywhere we could. We ate scones, ice cream, sandwiches, crisps and tea. If you can maintain an easy pace, you'll be fine. The stops are so frequent that everyone has plenty of time to catch up. That being said, you must be able to ride 45 miles for the day and remember; there is no SAG wagon. If you have a willing spouse, talk them into driving your own personal SAG.

Are there a lot of hills?

No. Just one. You can walk it with honor if need be. The optional routes have steeper hills for those who wish to try more pass-storming.

Why English 3-speeds only?

It strips the modern dreck from cycling and ensures dignity with lots of social interaction. It proves cycle touring is not the painful endurance some Disease Rides make it out to be. You'll have bragging rights and pride when you finish and you will never be "off the back". No one will be ridiculed for walking up the BC Hill.  It's cycling as it used to be and it's cycling at its best: pure, simple and spectacular.

I don't have a 3-speed, can I ride my singlespeed Lightspeed fat bike?

No. If you want to borrow an English 3-speed, I may be able to help.

Where can I buy an English 3-speed?

I have seen very nice reconditioned 3-speeds at various shops in the Twin Cities area. The Sibley Bike Depot in St. Paul has some jewels-in-the-rough and there is always the Thrift Store and Goodwill. You can easily find them on eBay and Craigslist.

Who is going?

On the 2003 3ST we had no less than 2 professional framebuilders and 2 authors, 6  (or so) collectors and cycling history buffs including 4 members of The Wheelmen, 2 cross-country cyclists, a River Rat and 3 people who actually make (or made) a living in the bicycle industry who aren't bitter. I know this adds up to more than the total of 14 but most people qualify for more than one category.

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