Gravity Race and Day-Old Pastry Joust

The shorter Gentleman's Tour on Sunday (new day and time!) will include a Gravity Race and Day-Old Pastry Joust. Since Sarah Jane's Bakery is not open on Sunday, we are forced to use day old pastry. That being said, these little beauties will still be individually wrapped and guaranteed tasty.

At noon we will depart Barley John's for the shorter Gentleman's Tour and at roughly 12:15 AM we will arrive at an impressive bit of grade in St. Anthony. You will get one chance at a downhill coasting race with a long runout section.


With a good tailwind it's possible to get a very good distance indeed. If it's rainy we may chuck the whole thing and head back to BJ's.

Cycle Jumble

Sunday festivities begin at 10:00 AM with a Cycle Jumble (Yanks call it a swap meet) in the parking lot at Barley John's. Bring a spare Hetchins or 2 and that big box of Sturmey ASCs you've been meaning to give away.