The Gentleman Cyclist

Wherein we attempt to define the term

Fellow 3-Speed Tourist Ken Keberle wrote:

"The new and improved Law of Universal Balance states: Every year of your life do at LEAST one ride for yourself, one for your best friend, and one for your family." Wise and useful advice indeed for the Gentleman Cyclist.

The startling coincidence ensued: I was struggling with the term "Gentleman Cyclist" since, after all, I've bandied the term about plus we have a Gentleman's Tour during the ABCE. So, what is a Gentleman Cyclist? In defining the term we found plenty of rough edges and we run the risk of sounding a bit like glorified Dandies but with Ken's help the high points simmered down to this:

Any additions or comments are welcome!


Saddlebag buckled 16 February 2016

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