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Coming very soon: Sturmey-Archer Dynohub magnetic keepers!

Gentleman Cyclist Ball Cup Spanner


This rather ungainly lump is the Gentleman Cyclist Ball Cup Spanner; a decidedly over-built solution to the old worn-out spanner or hammer-and-screwdriver method of disassembly. For the uninitiated, take a look behind the cog of your Sturmey-Archer 3, 4 or 5 speed hub and you will see 2 curious grime-filled notches. To remove the core of your hub for service or misguided curiosity, you need to grip these and give it a spin. In the bad old days, a hammer and drift filled the bill, but heavens, what an inelegant situation having to beat your faithful hub gear apart with a bludgeon. With the GC Ball Cup Spanner, you remove your cog and driver, clamp the tool in a vice, set the hub in position with the assembled wheel still attached, and spin it off. Works with all pre-modern-era SA hubs except the small diameter SW. It even works with pre-war hubs such as the K-Series and even the K.S. as shown below. If your hub is not laced into a wheel, you need to use a chain whip attached to a singe spoke to spin the barrel. If you don't have a vice, a suitable bar may be used as a lever between the big tabs and off it comes.

Details: One heavy lump of steel, case hardened to 50-56 HRC Rockwell specification.

Gentleman Cyclist Ball Cup Spanner        $40 each.

At right is the Gentleman Cyclist Ball Cup Spanner; an essential tool and paperweight for every workshop in the realm.


At left is how the Ball Cup Spanner fits between the hub and the vice. For clarity, I used a hub that was not laced. At this point, you would simply give the rim a spin and off it comes.






At right is how you spin the hub when not laced to a rim; just use a single spoke and a chain whip. 

Gentleman Cyclist Tea Mug

At last, a cycle touring accessory that is neither plastic nor aerodynamic; this essential Gentleman Cyclist offering is an insulated stainless steel tea mug. Pressed construction with a brazed handle and screen printed GC logo, it is double-walled to keep your Albert Square hot and refreshing. Designed for the classic cycle tourist, wanderer or wayfarer, it is lightweight, modest in size and will make a fine addition to your kit. It hangs roughly horizontal from your Glenbrook (or any bag or pannier) and is at the ready for that quick drink at the roadside water pump or fireside ale. On the bottom is another GC logo printed on a reflectorised transfer that is highly visible to traffic behind. The new MKIII version is slightly taller and skinnier plus the lettering is now screen printed in black.

Details: Food-grade double-wall stainless steel, 8oz with red screen printed logo. Reflector logo on the bottom. No lid.

Gentleman Cyclist Tea Mug       $20 each.

At right is the Gentleman Cyclist Tea Mug with laser-etched GC logo.









Above is another view showing how nicely it hangs from a vintage Glenbrook bag plus the bottom detail.

At right is the reflectorised bottom lit up with a flash.

LED Bulb Conversion

Despite our inner Luddite crying "Foul", we cannot deny the superior performance of the LED and the role it plays in modern bicycle lighting. We also cannot deny the ancient nature of our beloved Dynohub systems and the weakest link in that 19th Century invention is the incandescent bulb. Prone to burn-out due to vibration or high speed over-voltage; when the front goes the rear is soon to follow and that, dear friend, is cause for the darkest of concerns. That being said, this offering from the Gentleman Cyclist stable of parts is the humble LED conversion bulb. It has a pure white light with constant brightness but pulsing output due to the AC output of your dynamo. Pulsing is a function of speed and the speed needed to forward bias (i.e. turn on) the LED is about 1 MPH. Suitable for front or rear Sturmey Archer Dynohub systems, this conversion will provide year upon year of brilliant service. Also suitable for battery lamps such as the Lucas King of the Road or other dynamo systems such as Union, Sanyo, Miller or Lucas. Screw base only, flange base available upon special request.

New: Wedge base tail lamp bulbs now available! $5 each.

Technical details: 1 watt, 50 lumens, screw base LED with 2v to 9v operation. 2 needed for complete conversion. Note: There has been a confirmed case where the upper flange of the LED has worked loose from being tried in several different lamps. Gentleman Cyclist LED bulbs are now secured with Loctite to prevent this inelegant situation.

LED bulb conversion       $15 each.

Above right is the Gentleman Cyclist LED conversion bulb as compared to a vintage Miller headlight bulb (left) and Lucas tail light bulb (middle).






At left is the Gentleman Cyclist LED bulb installed in a 1951 Rudge Pathfinder Dynohub headlight; a fine bit of kit. It was run all day, every day during the 2009 ABCE without fault.

Aluminium Saddle Clamp Bolt

Back in 1949 after a lapse of 10 years, Holdsworth of Beckenham, Kent reintroduced their catalogue of “Aids to Happy Cycling”. Among their new “Allez!” line of light alloy parts, they offered a curious little accessory that catered to the overly weight-conscious; an aluminum seat pillar clamp. Not exactly a stellar idea since they tended to fatigue and crack; they were gone by 1951. There was one part of the assembly that survived quite well, thank you, and that was the aluminium bolt and nut assembly. This offering from Gentleman Cyclist is a reproduction of this brief anomaly of cycling history. Slight liberties have been taken in the threading and the distance across the flats since Whitworth standards have long since been buried but what remains is the heart, soul and spirit of the original. Field tested on a 1936 Saxon tandem during the 2008 Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour; it survived the rigors of 180lb yours truly grinding up the abominable 2.5 mile Bay City Hill plus the subsequent 45mph descent. Your evening excursion to the Bull and Plough should prove little challenge. "Fluff!" you may say; indeed, an extravagance to be sure, but consider the comparison equal to common swill versus fine ale. Made from the finest 6061 aluminium, machined from the solid to exacting tolerances; without question, a feast for your inner engineer and a delight to the eye. Quantities are limited and these few are the end of the line.

Technical details: body is 5/16" square and 2 5/8" in length. 5/8" box-end spanner required for installation. Threading: 5/16-20tpi. 7/16" hole is required for the shouldered nut; your clamp outer plate may have to be drilled.

Aluminum saddle clamp bolt with nuts       $25 each.

Above right is the Gentleman Cyclist aluminium saddle clamp bolt; a replica of a 1949 Holdsworth accessory. An original lurks in the background.



At left is another view showing the fine machine work. Just the job for your new Brooks Swallow.


At right is the test bolt installed aboard the 1938 Saxon tandem. It withstood an epic climb up the Bay City Hill plus a weekend of skullduggery during the 2008 Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour.



Steel shift cable pulleys

A fine bit of kit and fully interchangeable with all Sturmey shifting systems made since 1902. Machined from quality steel and tumbled in an abrasive rust-preventative bath to give it a fine finish to match the bonderised originals. Will fit on any Sturmey, Hercules, BSA or Brampton pulley clamp, Raleigh seat lug pulley boss or Raleigh Record Ace brazed-on pulley boss. Clamp or boss not included. 12.5g.

Cable pulley                                             $5 each.




Above right is a tatty original plastic pulley used on all English 3-speeds from about 1960 onwards; they can break or bend in service. In the center is the new GC pulley. At right background is a NOS original with curious machining marks.


At left is another NOS original Sturmey pulley (note the SA stamp), a new GC pulley, 2 Raleigh seat lug bosses and a pre-war pulley clamp fitted with a GC pulley. For pre-war machines you may want to paint it Rustoleum satin black.


 Stainless Steel fulcrum sleeves (shift cable stop)

Steel fulcrum sleeves have not been available from Sturmey-Archer for 40 years or so. They were replaced with plastic that becomes brittle with age and if it breaks, you will be left in high gear for the duration. Worse things can happen but why take the risk of such an inelegant situation. We had one break during the 2006 Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour so if your beloved Steed has the dreaded white or gray plastic fulcrum, it's time for a replacement.  Gentleman Cyclist fulcrum sleeves are exact copies of the original and perfect for restorations and a necessity for a commuter or tourist. Fulcrum clip not included.

Stainless steel fulcrum sleeve                $10 each.



Above right is the GC stainless fulcrum sleeve; a perfect match for the Sturmey original that was made up to about 1960. The slot is for sliding it over the shift cable.


At left is an original steel fulcrum sleeve and fulcrum clip assembly that has been in service on my Royal Enfield Coventry Cross since 1955. To install your new fulcrum, simply shift to high gear, loosen the fulcrum clip clamping screw, (the bit that sticks down as shown) slide out the plastic fulcrum, slide in the new fulcrum and tighten the works. Check your shifting action and adjust as necessary.



Bag tags

What in Queen's creation are bag tags?

An odd way to prove your participation in the most obscure English cycling event: The Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour. Most 3-Speed Tourists purchase these the morning of the Tour. Past years are still available; email to be sure.

Bag tag                                                    $5 each.


Aluminium construction and machined from the solid, then anodised a very pretty darkish sage green (colours change every year) and engraved on a machine that costs more than all the 3-speeds on earth. They will fit on any saddle bag strap or loop, or as Mark found out, you can also lace them onto your Wellingtons.










back In Stock, ready to ship. BRASS VALVE CAPS (Schrader valve only)   

A replica of an original that was found on Darrel's 1893 Iver-Johnson, they are beautifully machined then knurled to provide a non-slip grip. A rubber insert stamped from a recycled Dunlop inner tube provides the seal on the inside. These will turn a rich shade of brown after a decade or 2, a perfect match to your old Brooks saddle.

Brass valve caps                       $10 pair





At right is another view highlighting the lovely machining and knurling. Toward the rear lurks a similar antique cap.





At left is the Gentleman Cyclist brass valve cap perched upon the threaded stem of a proper Dunlop Airseal tube. A bit of dignity for the old 1938 Saxon tandem. Note the Dunlop stainless rim with the black stripe down the middle.



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