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During his recovery he will enjoy reading the thoughts and concerns of those he loves and the special moments they share while he has been away. See the Message Board link below to say "Hello"

Regular updates will be posted on his current condition.

His family appreciates all of your prayers and positive thoughts.

God Bless!

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2000: Chris has been struck by an auto while on his mountain bike. Life flighted to Denver. He has 3 or 4 compound fractures in his left arm, broken clavical, severe damage to the spinal column. Extent is not known at this time. Lung is damaged and bleeding. Life support is required.
September 18, 2000: 1:30 a.m. Surgery was required to attempt repair of his left arm, clavical and chest. Little word today on progress. Extent of the loss of body function is not known at this time. MRI shows extreme damage to the spine. Lung continues to bleed and require pumping.
SEPTEMBER 19, 2000: PRAISE GOD! Today there was movement of one of his arms. Yesterday his feet were cold. Renee brought in a massage therapist who massaged his feet. Today it had a pulse and was warm. Hope this is a good sign? He is not able to talk yet is making attempts to ask questions. He does not remember the accident. Renee and his family are very grateful for your thoughts and prayers. Calls are not able to be received yet but prayers are welcome.
SEPTEMBER 20, 2000: Spoke with Renee in early a.m. Chris has been removed from respirator and attempting to talk. Toes are pink. She would like to ask all to visualize Chris hiking up a 14,000 foot mountain like he did last week. Problems still with the lung, waiting for signs of improvement. Doctors are concerned with infection. Mother, father, and brother are also with Chris. They truly feel the power of your prayers and ask for everyone to stay positive on his recovery.
September 20, 2000: UPDATE: Chris's speech improved throughout the day. Most of what he is attempting to say can be understood. They placed him in a body cast from the neck down. This will ensure no movement of his spine. Good news is he gave the nurses a lot of trouble Tuesday night. Renee said he is starting to make demands. Although it is difficult for him, he continues to breath without the respirator. His chest and lungs are closely monitored for infection. He still remains in ICU, however, if he is medically stable they will relocate Chris to the ICU at the Swedish Hospital. We are unsure when he will be placed in a room and can take cards and letters but promise to let you know as soon as possible. Thank you again for all your love and support. Please continue to think of him in your prayers.
September 21, 2000: They were unable to relocate Chris to the Swedish Hospital due to instability of his spine. The body cast they placed him in yesterday is unable to keep his spine from rotating between the T4 to T6 vertebra. Therefore after receiving a second opinion, it has been determined surgery is necessary. On Friday, the surgeons will remove bone from his hip area to help fuse the most damaged section of his spine. This will require approximately 8 hours of surgery.Please pray for Chris and the Surgeons'steady hands. It will be a very difficult day for Chris. On a good note, the lung continues to heal.
September 22, 2000: Renee phoned to let us know that Chris was in the final stages of his surgery. They completed a bone graph and placed 2 rods on each side of his spine, removed some bone fragments in several other locations and repaired the spinal sack. They also found 2 additional areas that were broken in his neck area. The doctors have said that the damage did tap the spinal cord. Renee is very optimistic. She also feels it is very important that we visualize Chris in his normal active state, running and hiking. The doctors anticipate 3 days for the recovery process. Please continue to pray. Thank you.



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