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International Conference Papers, Lectures, and Faculty Workshops

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"Identity, Voice, and Response to Student Writing," Conference of the International Society for Language Studies, Oranjestad, Aruba, June 25, 2011.

"Writing Across the Curriculum and the Transformation of Learning," and "More Writing, Deeper Learning: Tools to Increase Student Engagement in Academic Work," Dar Al-Hekma College, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Dec. 11-13, 2010. [more]

"Research on Writing in Higher Education: A Brief History and Some Unanswered Questions," and "Writing, Advising, and the Doctoral Dissertation: Strategies for Success," Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, Nov. 11-12, 2010.

"Research on Writing and Learning: Results from a Study of 60,000 Students," 12th International Conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) SIG Writing, Heidelberg, Germany, Sep. 9, 2010. [with Paul Anderson]

image of person at a podium"Source Play: Exploring Alternatives to the Use of Texts in Academic Writing," First Israel Conference on Academic Writing, Academic Writing and Beyond in Multicultural Societies, Tel Aviv, Israel, July 28, 2010. [keynote address]

image of person at a podium"Looking Out: Writing Centers and the Role of Course Instructors," European Writing Centers Association, Paris, France, May 28, 2010. [keynote address]

"Studying the Experiences and Attitudes of Students Transitioning to College: The Effect of Language Difference," International Conference on Language Policy, Planning and Support in Higher Education: Challenges of Multilingualism, Stellenbosch, South Africa, Nov. 19, 2009.

image of person at a podium"Writing Across the Curriculum," Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Schools Council, HKBU Affiliated School, Wom Kam Fei Schools, Hong Kong, China, June 11, 2009. [keynote address]

"Writing to Learn: Engaging Students and Enhancing Learning," Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China, June 9, 2009.

"Preliminary Results from Large-Scale Survey Research on Writing and Learning," University of Amsterdam Literacy Research Group, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 28, 2009.

"(Mis)representations of Plagiarism: Research from Four Contexts," 4th International Conference on Speech, Writing, and Context, Querétaro, Mexico, Oct. 28, 2008.

"Fraudulent Practices: Academic Misrepresentations of Plagiarism in the Name of Good Pedagogy," 3rd International Conference on Plagiarism, "Transforming Practice for an Authentic Future," Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England, June 24, 2008.

"Border-Crossing in Writing and Research: Problems and Prospects in International Survey Research," 11th International Conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (SIG Writing), Lund, Sweden, June 13, 2008.

"The Construction and Transfer of Genre Knowledge Across Limited Task Domains: A Classroom-Based Study," 4th International Symposium on Genre Studies, Tubarao, Brazil, Aug. 16, 2007.

"Designing Effective Assignments" and "Responding to Student Writing," University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, June 6, 2007. [workshops]

"Writing to Learn/Learning to Write," "Overview of the Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Movement," "Learner-Centered Teaching," Qatar University, Doha, Qatar, May 1-3, 2007. [workshops and presentations]

"Better Writing, Better Learning," University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica, Jan. 12-13, 2007.

"In the Blink of an Eye: New Research on Response to Error in Student Writing," 10th International Conference of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction, Writing SIG, Antwerp, Belgium, Sept. 21, 2006.

keynote or plenary speaker "Writing at the Center: WAC, WID & WCs," European Writing Centers Association Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, June 24, 2006. [plenary panel]

"Beyond Doctrine: Encouraging Teacher Inquiry in Communication-Across-the-Curriculum Programs," Writing Development in Higher Education Conference, Milton Keynes, England, May 11, 2006.

person at podium"Warp and Weft: Reflections on the Art of Communication-Weaving," International Conference On the Road to Sustainable Excellence: Communicating Across the Curriculum, American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt, Nov. 11, 2005. [keynote address]

"Permanent Change: Motivation, Ownership, and Continuous Local Assessment of Writing and Speaking," First International Conference on Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Assessment, Hong Kong, China, June 15, 2005.

person at podium"From Outcomes to Input: Entrusting Departments to Improve Writing," 7th Annual Symposium on Innovative Teaching, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, May 18, 2005. [keynote address]

"Plagiarism and the International English Student: Strategies for Supporting Learners," American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon, Feb. 19, 2005.

"Empowering Learning in Engineering: A Study of Learning Styles, Strategies, and Success of First-Year Students," International Conference on Engineering Education and Research, Olomouc, Czech Republic, June 29, 2004.

"Formative Assessment and Student Learning: Campus-Wide Reform," Assessment 2004: 2nd Biannual Joint Northumbria/EARLI SIG Assessment Conference, Bergen, Norway, June 24, 2004. [co-author with Marilee Bresciani and Jon Rust; presented by Bresciani]

"Talk as Text, Text as Talk: The Role of Hybrid Assignments in Teaching and Learning Across the Curriculum," Conference on Developing Language and Communication in Higher Education: Trends in Teaching and Research, Chalmers Lindholmen University, Göteborg, Sweden, June 17, 2003.

"Empowerment to Learn in Engineering: Preparation for an Urgently-Needed Paradigm Shift," 6th Conference of the UNESCO International Centre for Engineering Education, Cairns, Queensland, Australia, Feb. 11, 2003. [Winner of conference Diamond (First Place) award for the most significant contribution to engineering education]

"Teacher Response to AAVE Features in the Writing of College Students: A Case Study in the Social Construction of Error," International Conference of the Association of Applied Linguistics, Singapore, Republic of Singapore, Dec. 16, 2002.

"Permanent Change: Case Studies of Continuous Program Review and Assessment." Fourteenth International Conference on Assessing Quality in Higher Education, Vienna, Austria, July 23, 2002.

"Transformations at NC State University: Assessment, Program Development, and Continuous Improvements." Thirteenth International Conference on Assessing Quality in Higher Education, Glasgow, Scotland, July 26, 2001.

"Genre and the Concept of Rhetorical Hybridity in Education." Third International Conference on Genres and Discourse in Education, Work, and Cultural Life. Oslo, Norway, May 14, 2001.

"Integrating Writing and Speaking: A Campus-Wide Program. " Fourth International Conference for Global Conversations on Language and Literacy, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Aug. 2, 2000. [co-organizer and co-chair of the conference]

"What's the Language of My Classroom? Reflections on Literacy and Language Awareness in Education," Third International  Conference, Global Conversations on Language and Literacy, Bordeaux, France, Aug. 7, 1998.

"The Teacher Portfolio: A Tool for Teacher Research, Development, and Assessment," Second International Conference, Global Conversations on Language and Literacy, Heidelberg, Germany, Aug. 13, 1996.

"Academic Literacies in Higher Education," First International Conference, Global Conversations on Language and Literacy, Oxford University, Oxford, England, Aug. 15, 1994.

"Large-Scale Portfolio Assessment: Problems and Issues," Seventh Annual Conference of the National Testing Network in Writing, Montreal, Canada, April 10, 1989. [invited speaker]

"Cases for Writing: Theory, Design, and Use," Fourth International Conference on the Teaching of English, Ottawa, Canada, May 14, 1985.

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