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About The Minotaur Project

The Minotaur Project is a poem cluster taken from a hypermedia novel in verse (as yet untitled), which reimagines the classical myth of Kore.

Classical References:

Kore is another name for Persephone, originally the goddess of grain like her mother Demeter.

According to the myth, Kore was abducted by Hades and made queen of the underworld. Her absence caused the earth to became cold and barren. As a remedy, she returns to the upper world for six months every year.

In classical mythology, Kore's descent into and sovereignty over the realm of the dead and her subsequent return to life after burial symbolized resurrection from death.

The Minotaur of classical myth was half man, half animal, the monstrous offspring of queen Pasiphae and a bull intended for sacrifice. The dangerous creature was imprisoned in a labyrinth.

Minotaur In This Poem:

The Minotaur Project draws from the premise of the classical myth, but re-imagines Minotaur as a combination of human and machine. A disembodied intelligence looping endlessly in the computer's labyrinth, attempting to understand itself and others without that primary means of connection to the sensate world, the body.

The Larger Project:

The Minotaur Project is part of a hypermedia novel in verse which explores contemporary issues of identity using the framework of the classical myth.