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Sept 28th: Everything is still tip top. No construction or epoxy related failures or signs of wear to speak of. The hull push poles silently and effortlessly. We have had a school of reds part right around the hull without spooking them.I haven't outgrown it and it's pretty much a pleasure to fish all around and it does handle the rough stuff handily.

My view from the helm underway

This is where I launch
Another great thing about light boats.

April 21, 2007

I have been logging quite a few hours on the Simmons and everything is still great. The paint (Interlux Brightside) is holding up wonderfully and the boat still looks brand new.I have done nothing to the boat other than wash it and keep it dry when not in use.No waxing, polishing or any touchups.I am very happy with the choices made for the middle range products, which I feel is the best value for a painted boat.I have put the boat through the paces in any seas that this windy time of year has thrown at it up to 20+ mph winds. It's been airborne and run hard into the rough and none of the construction has failed and no abuse reported by my forward passengers.The look on my son's face, as the water disappeared from under him a couple weeks ago was priceless but he said he was never scared. It flies as good as it floats.It's a dry riding boat and a great fishing machine. If you want a low maintenence,easy to tow and launch fishing boat that will catch fish in style,you need look no further than the SSS18. For larger folks,I would tend to recommend the SSS20.The 18 is for light gear and minimalist requirements and for that I can't imagine a more economical platform with the secure feeling of a larger boat.

August 12, 2006

Finally launched and it feels great! Runs perfectly,holeshot is awesome and she handles like a dream. I have been missing out of what these old hull concepts can provide in the way of ride and efficiency. This has been one heck of a project and learning experience. There is nothing negative I can say about this boat. I was skeptical of the build for some saying they are too tender and rough/wet riding and sofar,I'm not seeing any of these attributes. The boats would not have such a history and following if they were less than remarkable. I used 3 gallons of fuel fishing 11 hours with quite a bit of moving around and some good runs across the flats. She flies.

Lean mean fishing machine!

My son James with a 32" snook that he caught. Way to go. One of my favorite fish to catch. We will catch many from the boat. Soon,right?


This was my other son's first redfish caught from my(our)boat.This fish gave him a couple good runs after it realized it was hooked. We did good on reds this year but I am looking forward to trout .We do great on the trout with bucktail jigs. My largest trout to date was 28" on a brown/orange bucktail jig. I started using bucktails to keep from using up so many plastics. I have caught up to 30 trout on one bucktail jig before there wasn't enough hair left on it to really call it a bucktail anymore.

My son Robert's first large redfish.

Many thanks to Dave Carnell for being so prompt with questions I had and making this fine boat available for us amateurs to build. With true professional courtesy exceeding my expectations. Good common sense intact,his input was a confidence builder and the little hitches I may have encountered were quickly resolved.
 Also,thanks to Alex Slaunwhite for following up on my little project and making it part of the Simmons site. For the many photos he has taken and his efforts to be helpful with other questions I had. Surely,these boats are going to be around for a very long time. Great job guys.
 Thanks to my buddy Steve for all the pictures and being probably one of the most patient fisherman I have known. This is one guy that will stand wading in water for as many hours as it takes to catch a fish. He has seen this thing from start to finish and would have gladly helped at any time. Not that I didn't need help but the first boat is personal. I will put him to work on the 20. He has been thru all the boatless hardships right along with me. This boat will finally get us to all the good spots that we used to have to paddle the canoe to and I mean miles and somehow always against the tide on the way home.  He is probably one of the only friends that didnt think I was nuts for building my own boat. He was all for it from day 1. Thanks buddy.
 About the size of this boat,I love it. Pure efficiency for my intended purposes. It is narrow on bottom and wide up top.Just enough room with a stutter step around the console. I have storage for four fish rods under the gunwhale cap and the reels don't protrude into the walk way. This turned out to be my idea of a perfect backwater stealth boat for 2 anglers. I can almost picture it anchored on the flats as we wade away from it. When you stand at the helm looking over the bow,it looks as if you are standing on the back of a great white shark.

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Favorite Links:

It started out as a pile of wood and i think that is probably the one thing that people are amazed by. That and a regular guy that they know could do this.

roughing in keel bevel

This is with the keel and chines roughed  in. Bevels were planed to meet the adjoining floor members so that the planks contacted all these points evenly. I got it close with the power plane and finished up with the block plane and sandpaper on the long board.

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