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Agent Query - Looking for an literary agent? This is the site to visit - one of the most comprehensive online sites for agents' listings, updated frequently by users and agents. It also contains a plethora of articles on agents, publishing, writing and other aspects of the industry.

Algonkian Writers' Conferences - Need to gauge your writing? Attend an Algonkian workshop or pitch your novel to several New York publishers. From the site: It takes not only heart, but brains and market savvy to be successful in today's extremely competitive market. To that end, Algonkian developed a method to maximize a writer's chance for publication. In small-group conferences held nationwide, we work with serious writers of all genres who wish to either begin the novel, greatly improve their novel-in-progress, or study and apply advanced novel craft while learning the demands of the book market ...

Backspace - the writer's place - You will find the pulse of the publishing business here - agents, forums, writer's groups, contests and interesting articles by agents, authors and publishers.

Literary Agent Kristen's Blog Pub Rants - Want to know anything and everything about the life of a literary agent, publishing, editors and books subscribe to Kristen Nelson's Pub Rants. She describes herself as "A nice Midwesterner breaks free of her genteel upbringing and says what's on her mind--politely of course--some habits are really hard to break." - A lively online community of social networking that has an active number of writers, best selling authors and people in the publishing business.  It's free to join.

The WordTickler Libraries - The WordTickler Libraries is a great source for submission guidelines, fraud warnings, writers' contest announcements, agent profiles, writing tips and more. Writers are posting snippets of their work and receiving thoughtful critiques from others who are serious about the craft. The owner of the site loathes advertising to the point that the site is completely free of advertising as well as completely free to use.

The Writer's Edge - A useful blog co-authored by Michael Neff, creator of the Webdelsol site, and myself where you will find a trove of information to help your writing career. See the complete list of useful sites for writers.

Webdelsol's House of Blogs - Five literary blogs created by the site plus a blog search engine. If you want the latest on the literary scene, check out House of Blogs.



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