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DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM - a high tech thriller

Now available on the Kindle!

For years hackers have had the ability to take control of people; companies and even governments via their expertise with computers and the Internet. I have watched hackers evolve from curious whiz kids to extortionists and conspirators working for themselves, working as nefarious groups and working for organized crime.

I have always thought that one day they would be bold enough, confident enough and powerful enough to take control of one of our countryís major infrastructures such as air control, electricity or the Internet. This observation spawned DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM, a high tech thriller about a clandestine group who manage to hack into the nationís power grid and cell phone network and hold the US hostage.

DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM will make you think twice before turning on your cell phone or PDA.

DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is a frighteningly plausible and headline ripping tale of the real threats that loom in cyberspace and beyond with a Michael Crichton realism.

DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is a thriller that will connect with everyone with a cell phone, PDA or wireless device!

With 500,000 iPhones sold the first weekend it went on sale, DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM could be the next iPhone of the publishing industry.

Read the Synopsis below
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ABSENCE OF FAITH - a medical mystery

Now available on the Kindle!

Now you can download a free copy of ABSENCE OF FAITH from the publisher's web site at Lulu
.com or read it on your iPhone, Palm Pilot, Sony eBook reader or Windows Mobile device from See my post from my blog, The Germination of a Novel, about how the idea for the book was developed.

Have you ever wondered what people would do if you took away their faith, their hope, and their religion? Is religion and mores what keeps us civilized and superior to the animal kingdom? My wife and I were discussing these very ideas one day and we thought it would make an interesting plot for a novel.

The result was ABSENCE OF FAITH, a modern day medical mystery thriller, where negative near death experiences plague a small, highly religious town causing many of its residents to lose their faith, and their belief in the future. When some residents wake up with burnt skin, they believe they went to hell and that God has abandoned them. Matters get worse when a local cult uses the opportunity to promote their beliefs and win over the town residents. Will Chantress, the heroine, stop Kyle Mabus from destroying all known religions in the world? Read the first chapter if your faith is strong enough by clicking on ABSENCE OF FAITH.

Bestselling author and psychic Sylvia Browne writes in her book, Prophecy, that, "...our beliefs are the driving force behind our behavior, our opinions, our actions. Without faith, without our beliefs, we're lost."

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Dan Rikerís life was pretty well planned, predictable and almost boring until a seemingly harmless blackout occurs along the East Coast.

Believing hackers caused the blackouts, the CIA recruits Dan to investigate the massive outages. It is just the challenge he was looking for Ė something to interrupt the boring, mind-numbing routine of his everyday life.

But when Danís wife and 8-year-old daughter are kidnapped, his challenge takes an ominous turn and he resents his involvement with the CIA. He wonders if his family is dead or alive and if he can continue to fight an invisible enemy with no possibility to win.

When the hackers, a group known as ICER, take over the power grid and the cell phone network, Dan is nearly killed in an ambush because he may be the only person with the technical know-how to stop them. He is taken in by an elite team of technical gurus who work for a company with connections to the nationís security organizations and the President.

With the help of the company, Dan discovers the hackers use a special wireless device installed in cell towers by Homeland Security after 911 to disable the electronics in everything from aircraft to PDAs. The hackers also turn the device into a powerful directed energy weapon that can track and kill any person when they use a cell phone.

ICER gives the government an ultimatum - bomb the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan with nuclear weapons to put an end to Al-Quada or they will start downing commercial airliners. When the government refuses, ICER destroys most of the downed aircraft in airports all over the country. When ICER sends a pulse that will kill most of the people on East Coast, Dan struggles with saving millions or saving his family.

Will Dan Riker save his family or will millions die?

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RELATED NEWS - the Looming Threat of Digital Terrorism

DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is fiction, but more and more of it is coming true everyday. Business Week ran an in depth article in its April 21, 2008 issue "The New E-spionage Threat," about the rising attacks on America's most sensitive computer networks. Here's a quote from the article.

"The U.S. government, and its sprawl of defense contractors, have been the victims of an unprecedented rash of similar cyber attacks over the last two years, say current and former U.S. government officials. "It's espionage on a massive scale," says Paul B. Kurtz, a former high-ranking national security official."

Information Week magazine reported in its April 14, 2008 issue that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff warned that the damage caused by a large-scale cyber attack might result in consequences comparable to the Sept. 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center buildings in New York. Read the rest of the story by clicking here.

They say truth is stranger than fiction. Here is a real life story how hackers brought down an an entire country in the Wired Magazine article, "Hackers Take Down the Most Wired Country in Europe." Tiny Estonia had to shut the Internet down throughout the country to prevent hackers from disrupting their infrastructure. The plot of DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is similar except it happens in the United States.

The Financial Times recently reported that The Chinese military hacked into a Pentagon computer network in June 2007 in what one Defense Department official said was one of the most successful cyber attacks on the US. This touches on the plot of DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM and the looming cyber threats that face the United States today. Read the article here.

Interestingly enough, InformationWeek magazine has published The Hacker Economy, a look at cyber criminals, their activities, and the growing threat they pose to economies worldwide. DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is based on some of these threats.
Click here to read the article.

In addition, cyber thieves are making as much money as drug dealers, according to Michael Greene, vice president of product strategy at PC Tools, who believes the world is facing one of the most significant internet security battles ever.

"Cyber-thieves are making as much money as drug dealers, according to a recent global identity theft report,Ē Greene said.

"Given the huge rise in identity theft this year, it would be safe to assume that cyber-thieves are now earning as much as a small country.Ē
Click here to read the entire article in Computing, a web site.

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