The Way We Were : February 1949

In February, Capitol Records which bought out the catalog of Germany's Telefunken announces that it is weeding out any recordings by Nazi artists. . . . . .The top rated radio programs of the month are - 1) Jack Benny 2) Lux Radio Theater 3) Fibber McGee & Molly 4) Walter Winchell 5) Bob Hope 6) Talent Scouts 7) My Friend Irma 8) Amos & Andy 9) Stop The Music 10) People Are Funny . . . . . . the best bets of the week in recordings are - "The Pussy cat Song" / "Any State In The Forty Eight Is Great" by Jimmy Durante and Betty garrett (MGM); "Lady Of Spain" by Ray Noble (RCA Victor); "Beautiful Eyes" by Art Mooney (MGM); and "I Love You So Much It Hurts Me" by Buddy Clark (Columbia) . . . . . The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles bans be bop- music because of raucous behavior at a concert by Dizzy Gillespie . . . . . .new on the best seller lists on the first week of the month are - "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm" by The Mills Brothers (Decca); "Buttons And Bows" by Betty Rhodes (RCA Victor); and the album "Dusty Manuscripts" by Sammy Kaye (RCA Victor).

The second week of the month is highlighted by the coming battle of the record formats - RCA Victor's 45 rpm single and Columbia's 33 1/3 LP album . . . . .the best bets of the week are - "Why can't You Behave" and "So In Love" (from "Kiss Me Kate") by Bing Crosby (Decca); "Cruising Down The River" by Jack Smith (Capitol); "The Pussy Cat Song" and "Powder Your face With Sunshine" by Jack Laurenz and Ann Vincent (Mercury); "Wind In My Sails" and "My dreams Are Yours" by Claude Thornhill with vocals by Art Brown & The Snowflakes (RCA Victor); "I Hadn't Anyone Till You" and "You're Mine You" by mary Ann McCall (Discovery); "No Orchids For My Lady" and "Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered" by The Inkspots (Decca); "Roll The Patrol" and "Sunflower" by Dick Baker (Mercury); "Cruising Down The River" by Russ Morgan (Decca); and "Kiss Me kate" original cast album. . . . .Columbia Records announces that it has sold more than 800,000 record players for the new 33 1/3 speed LP albums . . . . .Woody Herman and Mel Torme have both switched labels to Capitol.

During the third week of February, 1949, Danny Kaye does record box office at the Roxy Theater in New York . . . . . The Nielsen ratings for radio programs puts Lux radio Theater at number one followed by 2) Jack Benny 3) Fibber McGee & Molly 4) Talent Scouts 5) My Friend Irma 6) Walter Winchell 7) Amos & Andy 8) Bob Hope 9) Truth Or Consequences 10) Bob hawk . . . . . .best bets of the week for record releases are - "Down By the station" / "Just Reminiscing" by ray Noble (Columbia); "Careless hands" / "Don't Gamble With Romance" by Bob and Jeanne (Decca); "Careless hands" byMel Torme (Capitol); "Cruicing Down The River" / "Mississippi Flyer" by Frankie carle with vocal by Marjorie Hughes (Columbia); "Sunflower" / "Just tell me The truth" by Jack Fulton (Tower); "Underneath The Linden Tree" by Patti Andrews and Bob Crosby (Decca); "Peggy Dear" by johnny Desmond with Tony Mottola (MGM); "Always True To you In My Fashion" / "Just Reminiscing" by Jo Stafford (Capitol); and "Everywhere You Go" by Eddy Howard (Mercury) . . . . new on the best seller charts for the week are - "Lemon Drop" by Woody herman (Capitol); and "So Dear To My Heart" from the motion picture (Capitol). . . . . Arthur Godfrey introduces the novelty song "All Right Louie Drop The Gun" . . . . . . .Groucho Marx makes his recording debut with "The Funniest Song In The World" for Young People's Records . . . . .Miami's top Black nightclub, the Monte carlo folds and New York's Havana-Madrid fights to stay open.

In the final week of February, "Dreamer With A Penny" / "I'm Beginning To Miss You" by Bill laurence with henri Rene's Orchestra (RCA Victor) is getting the big buildup . . . . . . .best bets of the week - "Mr. Sears And Mr. Roebuck" / "You broke Your Promise" by Dorothy Shay (Columbia); "Dreamer With A Penny" / "Forever And Ever" by Margaret Whiting (Capitol); "Someone Like You" / "While The Angelus Was Ringing" by Eddy Howard (Mercury); "If You Stub Your Toe On The Moon" / "When Is Sometime" by Frankie Laine (Columbia); "Portrait Of Jennie" by Nat Cole (Capitol); "You can't Buy Happiness" / "Bluebirds Singing In My Heart" by Jerry Wayne & The Dell trio (Columbia); "I'm Beginning To Miss You" / "Yuk-A-Puk" by Andy Russell & the King Sisters (Capitol); "A You're Adorable" / "Keep A Twinkle In Your Eye" by Ann Vincent (Mercury); and "Forever And Ever" and I've Been Hurt" by Dinah Shore (Columbia). . . . . . .At the Apollo Theater - Charlie Ventura with Jackie Cain, The Inkspots, and Joe garland.

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