Frequency Lists

Thanks to Electroherbalism for maintaining these frequency lists.

CAFL  The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List.   The most popular frequency list.  It is the Master List and probably the most-used reference for frequency researchers.  

Non-Consolidated Frequency List  This contains separate lists of frequencies from many sources.  It also contains 2 frequency lists that the CAFL does not incorporate - frequencies for muscles in the body and for chemical elements.  It is not updated and was compiled circa 1998.

Frequency Cross Reference - Lists frequencies with the conditions they are used for.  This list may not reflect all of the frequencies in the CAFL and is not kept updated.  See Stone Circle Alternatives for the latest list in a well-formatted version.  Useful to see if there are matches when hits occur during scanning or when the purpose of a frequency being used is forgotten.

Brainwave Frequency Listing - This is a list kept by Michael Triggs on the Papercut Suicide website and contains an extensive listing of brainwave frequencies and others like colors, scale notes, plus a few rife frequencies.  Colorful and well annotated.  Read the introduction.  After viewing the website, one may decide that running brainwave frequencies is not a good idea <g>.

Anecdotes  These are files primarily of posts to the Rife listservers where people report results of using sets on Rife-Bare and other devices. 

Reports are detailed Anecdotes, including reports from Paul Jone.

F100  Ready to load PC and Palm files of some sets of frequencies from the CAFL for AtelierRobin function generators.

Taking the Mystery Out Of The CAFL by Carol of contains an analysis of some of the cancer frequency sets in the CAFL and details a methodology for reducing the number of frequencies in a set to the most important ones.

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