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Websites related to Rife and other Bioelectronic Technologies

Royal Rife Technologies  This site, developed by Dr. James Bare, inventor of the Rife-Bare device, provides the latest and most comprehensive information available about Rife/Bare technology. 

The Rife Forum  is managed by Peter Walker and is an international forum for research into the  microscope and resonance therapy developed by Royal Raymond Rife, as well as his modern counterparts.

Mark Lester's Web Page  Mark Lester has an alternative medicine clinic in London and is using the Rife/Bare device along with Electro Crystal therapy in diagnosing and treating medical illnesses. Mark has had good results combining these therapies. 

Electroherbalism   This site offers valuable information about natural therapies for many conditions, as well as frequency lists utilizing Rife/Bare devices.

Bill Cheb's site   Bill Cheb's site shows the Phanotron tube which is a reproduction of Rife's original tube used in California to kill Cancer. Bill also has a variety of other tubes that can be seen at his site. 

Barry Lynes wrote "The Cancer Cure that Worked" which is a book describing the history and politics of Rife's plasma tube generator. 

Stan Truman has a website with what is probably the most extensive collection of Rife historical articles including actual copies of Rife's lab reports as well as videos.  He also hosts the "Rifers" listserver which is most suited for hardcore technical discussions of Rifing with no off-topic posts allowed.  Subscribe by sending email to 

eRegimens details regimens for many maladies, including both naturopathic and bioelectronics suggestions.  Many of the alternative health regimens include F125 function generator sets for the condition

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