Rife History

Links to extensive historical information on Rife.

Stan Truman has what is probably the most extensive collection of Rife historical articles including actual copies of Rife's lab reports as well as videos.  This website also features a set of CDs called "Rife Speaks" which contains many hours Rife and others speaking about his research and the cancer virus.  There's a 4 minute sample from Rife Speaks on the site.

Barry Lynes wrote "The Cancer Cure that Worked", a book describing the history and politics of Rife's plasma tube generator. 

A History Of Rife’s Instruments And Frequencies is a comprehensive article, written by John Garff, containing history of the instruments/frequenies that were developed.

The Canadian Rife Research Group has made a documentary on Rife's work called The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius, which is available for sale on their site.


Drs. Siedel and Williams

Lower center Dr. Siedel. Dr. Siedel wrote a newspaper article on Rife's microscope describing the culturing methods and observation of the BX virus. After being threatened by the medical establishment he never spoke of Rife again.  Dr. Williams, lower right, was a close friend and still practices in Florida.  He is one of the first practicing homeopathic physicians on the US east coast.  He uses gas chromatography in a patented system, fingerprinting blood serum and developing homeopathic remedies.  Using a SQUID imaging system, which is no longer available, he was able to image homeopathic energies.

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