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Rife and Rife-Related Research

Gary Wade wrote an article on the mechanisms and effects of resonant frequencies on the body, which is reprinted here.

HealthHelper.com has research papers from National Institutes of Health's published bioeffects from Radio Fields which describes Pulsed Radio Frequency's devitalizing effects upon microorganisms.

Alan Blood wrote a detailed paper called "Rife Ray Cancer Treatment and Mycoplasmas in Cancer and AIDS."

The Kinnaman Foundation found and restored historical audio tapes of Dr. Rife telling about his experiences using his microscopes and frequency Instruments 

Related Links:

Nenah Sylver wrote The Handbook on Rife Frequency Healing which is available on her site.  At 448 pages, this is the first book listing how one approaches healing using Rife devices combined with nutritional information and other forms of healing modalities
James Bare designed the Rife Bare device and is the primary researcher in this field.  The construction manual Building the Rife Beam Ray Device is offered for sale, as is his video, Beam Ray Device Construction, shown at right. 
Barry Lynes is a reporter who investigated the history and politics of Rife's plasma tube generator and after extensive research, wrote The Cancer Cure that Worked!, shown at right. 
The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius is a documentary on Rife's work done by Shawn Montgomery and Jason Ringas of the Canadian Rife Research Group and available for sale on their site.  The jacket for Part One: Rife's Rise is shown at right

Brian McInturff compiled the Electroherbalism Frequency Lists, which are available on the Electroherbalism website as well as in "hardcopy" paperback book form as shown on right.

Gerald Foye wrote the book Royal R. Rife, Humanitarian, Betrayed and Persecuted shown on right. 

Blast It! is a "Rife Researcher & User Manual" and includes much of John Crane's Polarity Research Manual.

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