Pictures of the IR/BPT-500 plus older models which are no longer available including the IR/BPT, the IR/BT, and components. 

Our current model IR/BPT-500 with integrated F125 generator

IR/BPT with Helium Quartz Tube and ProGen


IR/BPT with Phanotron


Closeup Showing Panel Controls


Rear View showing Heat Sink


IR/BT with Supertube


Lexan tube holder accommodates a variety of tubes.

Energized Russian Phanotron 
Closeup 1

Energized Russian Phanotron 
Closeup 2


Energized Russian Phanotron 
Closeup 3

IR/BT with Kinnaman 
and 22" Argon Tube


With Kinnaman and 
Phanotron Tube


With Ramsey and Phanotron


With F150 and Helium Quartz Tube


With F150 and Argon Pyrex Tube


Internal View 1


Internal View 2

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