Amplifier Options

An amplifier is included with the IR/BPT-500, but can also be purchased separately for use in systems as described in Jim Bare's decisive book (see Rife Research).   Featuring James Bare's most highly recommended amplifier kit, designed by Motorola, expertly built, with modifications for rife work.

The modified EB63 300+ watt (shown below) with large heat sink and fan: $350.00 plus shipping. 

The modified EB63 360 watt  amplifier with large heat sink and fan uses Motorola MRF421 transistors: $450.00 plus shipping. 

Features of the EB63 line include:

1- A very large heavy duty aluminum heat sink measuring 12" X 6-1/2" X 1-1/2" .

2- 3-1/2" fan that will allow the amplifier to stay cool running continuously at over 300 watts. Not necessary under 275 watts.

3- A 125 degree thermo couple that can be wired in series with the power to the CB and will shut down the amplifier if an overheating condition occurs. This feature can save the amplifier and other components in the system avoiding expensive repair or replacement costs should complications occur.

4- Zero harmonic suppression and a wide band width of operation allowing high frequencies to be used for applications and research as used by Royal Raymond Rife in his virus research. 

Specifications for the 300W model: Power: 12.5 - 14.5 volts DC, 30 Amps @ 300 Watts. Input Bandwidth: 1.5 - 30 megahertz.  RF Input: 4-25 watts. Harmonic suppression: 0. Modulation swing: 100 Watts Min.

Bottom View.  Note the size of the heat sink (12" long) and the exclusive onboard thermocouple (red wires) to protect the amp and other components.


Top View:

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