Function Generators

Function Generator Options for the IR/BPT and other systems.  

The F125 generator is included in the cost of the IR/BPT and IR/BPT-500  Some additional generators that can be used instead are also shown below. Prices are adjusted if the customer already has a generator or wants to purchase a different generator.

Specs are available at Atelier Robin's F-100 website.  


The Rife Technology ProGen

The approximate cost of the ProGen is $920.  It is a standalone function generator that can also be used as a pad device.  Specs are available at Resonant Light Technology's website.


The Kinnaman

The cost of the Kinnaman is approximately $410.  Specs are available at Lee Lectronics Limited.


The Ramsey SG550-WT

The cost of the Ramsey is approximately $280.  It is not programmable but does feature keypad or dial input of frequencies, a digital readout, and front-panel voltage adjustment.  

The B & K 4040A 

The cost of the B & K 4040A is approximately $580.  It is one of the few function generators under $600.00 that goes up to Rife's megahertz frequencies.

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