Approved by and Constructed to Dr. James Bare's Patented Design

Compact Professional Rife/Bare Plasma Technology System (IR/BPT) Now in Production.

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The IR/BPT (Integrated Rife/Bare Plasma Technology) system consists of a 12"x8"x9" brushed stainless steel enclosure with quality handles mounted on the sides for easy and safe transporting. Contained inside is a proprietary inductor tuning system with iron specific dual core balun, modified Uniden 68XL (250KHZ, 30 watt) modulator (fully modified as per James Bare), modified 300 watt hand-built Motorola linear amplifier, and a high current specialized 35 amp plate transformer power supply (recommended by James Bare). Since the original IR/B-1 this device has gone through many advances. It is engineered to strict operational characteristics and meticulously constructed into the precision instrument currently available.

The wiring within the IR/BPT follows James Bare's original design, which holds US and Foreign patents (see James Bare's website). IR/BPT is custom manufactured using the most dependable and highest quality parts available. The new model IR/BPT-500 modulates from 300 to 360 watt from a hand-crafted Motorola linear amplifier driven with Jim Bare's OM-1 modulator. Rise and fall times are under two microseconds. See Internal Picture of the IR/BPT below (old Uniden modulator).

Tube matching is optimized by an efficient 12 gauge matched Balun and inductor tuning system. Supplies have ultra fast schottky diodes, chokes and high rated capacitors on all power lines stabilizing electrical fluctuations and directing RF emissions to ground. High efficiency is achieved by matching components with an MFJ resonant SWR analyzer. Complete protection is assured using temperature sensitive thermocouples and safety components.

The modulator is mounted beside the linear amplifier and heat-sinked to the enclosure. The high power linear is cooled by an attached heat sink that covers the entire exterior back of the device. The non-harmonic suppressing Motorola linear amplifier is powered by a custom high current Resonating plate transformer and DC circuitry (see pictures section). Wires are short and silver soldered directly to and from the modulation stage and amplifier.

Directly on top of the enclosure is a Canadian or Russian Phanotron tube. See other optional tubes in Photos section. On the front of the device is a lighted SWR meter and three controls: (left to right) transmitter matching knob, On/Off switch, and antenna matching knob. RF field interference is low and kept to a minimum with everything enclosed. A 125 degree auto resetting thermo breaker is mounted on the linear's heat sink allowing for complete protection and safety.

The F-125 function generator (see Function Generator Options) connects with an four foot cable to a BNC connector on the left side. Because all components are grounded internally in the steel enclosure there is a negligible amount of high energy RF interference to generators or other sensitive electronic equipment.

Internal Picture of the IR/BPT

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