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The IR/BPT incorporates a straight 20" long 1" quartz helium tube (shown below). The quartz tube has a UV emission between 300 and 400 nanometers that is highly bio reactive allowing penetration not possible with other tube materials.  Also, leaded glass tubes of this size cannot possibly stand the high power but quartz is extremely tolerant to the intense temperature.

Over 25 years of research with all types of gases led Rife to use helium gas in his tubes. As with the sun helium is the gas that radiates the life sustaining energy to all of mankind.

Quartz Straight Tube


Optional Tubes for the IR/BPT and other systems.  

Pyrex Bubble, Price $180

Ukraine (Russian) Phanotron, 4" bubble, Price: $200


Canadian Phanotron, 8" bubble, Price: $250

Tube Links

Russian Phanotrons - link is temporarily down

Bill Cheb's website features Pyrex and quartz tubes and the Canadian Phanotron, some of which are shown above

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