Modified Uniden Modulator

Modified Uniden Modulator

The modified Uniden modulator is the only one of it's kind that can be purchased and guaranteed to have a frequency bandwidth up to 250KHZ.  It is fan cooled and designed for extensive use.

Frequencies that are closer to the fundamental resonant frequency have much greater power transfer ratios and will produce effects that are proportional to the increased power levels.

Specifications: Supply power input : 13.8volts, Current Drain max. ~3A, Frequency Generator Input 1 - 10V max, Max. output 40 watts @ 10KHZ, bandwith 0 to 250KHZ. Square wave rise/fall time : 1.7 microseconds.

Cost: $200.00 plus shipping.

Uniden 66XL Modulator shown below:


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