Rife-Bare Systems

Introducing Vibrnthealth's new 500KHz optional 360W plasma device with built-in fully programmable function generator.  The new IR/BPT-500 is a major advancement for Rife systems.

The IR/BPT-500 is able to modulate harmonic frequencies over 500,000HZ into a variety of plasma tubes. This allows one to utilize 25% of Rife's original frequencies and almost all the Hulda Clark frequencies. The opportunities and broad range of frequencies in this safe but powerful system will allow the user exceptional diversity in the use and application of frequencies from Rife, Clark, Crane and other new applicable DNA frequencies realized by pioneers like Char Boehm and Jeff Sutherland.

Orders for these exceptional precision hand-built systems can be placed and completed as time is available. Systems are contracted to be built through individual agreement.  Please contact Vibrant Health via E-Mail or call us with return number.

Function Generator Options

Amplifier Options An amp is included with our systems or they can be purchased separately for existing systems.  

Tube Options   

The Modulators  A  Uniden 66XL or 68XL modified for rife work and produces up to 50W output or a Plasma Sonics OM-1.  A modulator is included with the IR/BT or they can be purchased separately for existing systems. 

In Development  Rife Bare components and systems  in development which will be available soon.

The following systems are no longer available.

For more information, please E-mail.

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