CB&Q RR Class Diagrams: Steam Locomotives, Waycars

Dave Beck's collection of HO scale steam locomotives and waycars is permanently on display at Union RR Museum, Mendota, IL
Dave Beck's layout has been donated to Union RR Museum and will be incorporated into their existing layout.
An expanded version of this website is available on CD for $25. (or get both for $40)
A DVD on Dave's layout of approximately one hour running time is available for $25. Run throughs included.

This site contains digitized copies of Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroad Class Diagrams. Class diagrams are schematic, non scale drawings of equipment and include important dimensions and weights.
Ray Buhrmaster and Joe Douda have generously allowed their class diagram books to be digitized and placed on the Web for non-commercial use.
The images were scanned at 300 dpi, restored, and compressed. The restoration attempted to retain as much as possible of the original diagram consistent with their being line art. The originals are unreadable in some places and I have filled in data from other sources, principally Corbin and Kerka's book, Steam Locomotives of the Burlington Route . "Comic sans serif" font was used to fill in data which was unreadable on the originals and is clearly different from the original hand lettering without being a distraction. I have improved the cosmetics by removing most dirt and stains, but I have not cleaned up edges. My object is to make the information available, primarily to the modeling community. The class diagrams are formatted as a single landscape "A" size page to match current standards. The pages were assembled into a book approximately 4" high by 11" wide using the hole punch marks. I have not retained the margins used on the originals. Selecting the "Pixel to pixel" option reached from "Options" on the Wang Imaging "PRINT" screen will allow the diagrams to be printed full size on a 300 dpi printer. Engine numbers listed on the links may not be valid, but they (or numbers they span) appear on the class diagram. - Vernon Beck                            ==========> Copyright Vernon Beck 2001 <==========   Japanese

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B (4-8-2) H (2-6-0) O (2-8-2)&(4-8-4) T (2-6-6-2)&(2-8-8-2) HO Scale Drawings
D (2-8-0) K (4-6-0) P (4-4-2) Tender Trucks Interesting Links
F (0-8-0) M (2-10-2)&(2-10-4) R (2-6-2) Waycars Having difficulties? New 5/28/2003
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