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Travel Case Model Wavefront Classic MIDI/CV Interface


Wavefront Technologies was founded in 1995 by the creative efforts of a group of musically and technically inclined and entrepreneurial individuals. Personal inspiration was drawn by the company's chief founder, Mark Segal, from the documentary on the work of the inventor Lev Termen released earlier that year.

Within months Wavefront had developed and brought to market two models of theremins, and to date has provided a wide range and number of clientele with instruments which have been sold domestically and internationally in Japan, Scandinavia and all across Europe.

Our clientele includes anyone and everyone ranging from music industry professionals, performers, artists, to the general enthusiast and collector. Musical acts attributed to owning our instruments include Beck, Fishbone, and others.

Our collaborative efforts with the Theremin Centre in Moscow, as well as favorable product reviews in various publications have been a testament to our strive towards excellence in producing this unique musical instrument.

Wavefront continues to strive forward with the release of the MIDI-Wave, a first of its kind theremin-to-MIDI interface.

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