Many West African States notes are undated and can only be identified through the signature combination. This "combination" consists of the signatures of the GOUVERNEUR (DIRECTEUR GENERAL prior to 1972) and of the PRESIDENT DU CONSEIL DES MINISTRES.  The first changes very infrequenly, but the latter changes at least every two years and at times more often.

The following is a facsimile list of signature combinations:



                                      SIGNATURE  IDENTIFICATION

Sign.  Le Président                      Country         Le Directeur Général

1    Robert TEZENAS DU MONTCEL           France          Robert JULIENNE
2    Bertin BORNA                        Dahomey         Robert JULIENNE
3    Alpha BA BOCAR                      Mauritanie      Robert JULIENNE
4    Bamba Ould YEZID                    Mauritanie      Robert JULIENNE
5    Mohamed Saleh M’KHAITIRAT           Mauritanie      Robert JULIENNE
6    Tianoko Marc GARANGO                Haute Volta     Robert JULIENNE
7    Jean COLLIN                         Sénégal         Robert JULIENNE
8    Babacar BA                          Sénégal         Robert JULIENNE
9    Edem KODJO                          Togo            Robert JULIENNE

  Le Président du Conseil des Ministres  Country        Le Gouverneur

10   Edem KODJO                          Togo            Abdoulaye FADIGA
11   Henri Konan BEDIE                   Cote d’ivoire   Abdoulaye FADIGA
12   Isidore AMOUSSOU                    Benin           Abdoulaye FADIGA
13   Leonard KALMOGO                     Burkina Faso    Abdoulaye FADIGA
14   Abdoulaye KONE                      Cote d’Ivoire   Abdoulaye FADIGA
15   Edmond KY                           Burkina Faso    Abdoulaye FADIGA
16   Hamid ALGABID                       Niger           Abdoulaye FADIGA
17   Moussa TONDI                        Niger           Abdoulaye FADIGA
18   Boukary ADJI                        Niger           Abdoulaye FADIGA
19   Mamadou TOURE                       Sénégal         Abdoulaye FADIGA
20   Komla ALIPUI                        Togo            Abdoulaye FADIGA
21   Abdoulaye KONE                      Cote d’ivoire   Alassane OUATTARA
22   Idelphonse LEMON                    Benin           Alassane OUATTARA
23   Frederic KORSAGA                    Burkina Faso    Alassane OUATTARA
24   Paul DOSSOU                         Benin           Alassane OUATTARA
25   Roch Marc KABORE                    Burkina Faso    Alassane OUATTARA
26   Roch Marc KABORE                    Burkina Faso    Charles Konan BANNY
27   Soumaila CISSE                      Mali            Charles Konan BANNY
28   Niamien NGORAN                      Cote d’Ivoire   Charles Konan BANNY
29   Ide GNANDOU                         Niger           Charles Konan BANNY
30   Abdoulaye DIOP                      Senegal         Charles Konan BANNY
31   Kossi ASSIMAIDOU                    Togo            Charles Konan BANNY
32   Ayaovi TIGNOPKA                     Togo            Charles Konan BANNY
33   Gregoire LAROU                      Benin           Charles Konan BANNY  

NOTE: Identification of the Presidents of the Council of Ministers above is based on best available data, but not guaranteed. Spelling variations exist for some of the names.