Millstone Research Center

Walter J. Hollien Preservation Architect / Historic Millwright
President Millstone Research Center
P.O. Box 266
Watkins Glen, New York 14841
Phone 888-598-1160


The Millstone Research Center is a non-profit organization who's mission is the preservation of historic water,wind and muscle powered mills. Historic mills are an endangered building type and are disappearing rapidly. Our preservation efforts focus on the preservation of historic mills, historic mill equipment, the tools used by the miller in the milling processes and the millers many sideline occupations, the tools used by the millwrights to construct the mills and mill related archival materials. The Millstone Research Center tries to increase awareness of the history of milling thru lectures, publications and workshops.
The Millstone Research Center is frequently called upon to salvage mill equipment from historic mills that are undergoing adaptive reuse or being torn down because of development or safety concerns. A Mill Museum has been constructed in Hector N.Y. overlooking Seneca Lake, one of New York State's Finger Lakes. The MRC has a volunteer membership that has the expertise and bravery to rescue mill equipment from mills in a state of partial collapse and or eminent structural collapse. The MRC has explored ship wrecks with cargoes of millstones, recovered millstones from historic shipwrecks and purchased mill equipment at auctions where the equipment would have been fated to be turned into scrap metal. In short a large amount of mill equipment has been rescued reflective of the rapid disappearance of the historic mills that originally housed that equipment.
Equipment rescued includes water turbines, water wheels, millstones, roller mills, flour bolters, grain cleaning equipment and archival materials. Archival material includes historic photographs, postcards, flour bags, historic mill text books and milling trade journals. The MRC advocates that mill artifacts not be removed from historic mill sites unless they are in danger of loss or destruction. The provenance of any mill artifacts removed from mill sites should be documented and recorded.
Mill equipment, millstones, water turbines etc. are available to restorations of Historic Mills that at a minimum are being restored in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Guidelines and Standards for the Restoration of Historic Buildings. Restoration of Historic Mills, technical advise, restoration construction documents, Millwright services, Historic Structures Reports, Building Condition Assessments, Dendrochronology studies and Grant writing assistance is also available.
A membership fee of 25 USD, 19.06 EUR includes a monthly news letter of  MRC activities, reduced workshop fees, and an opportunity to be included in  MRC mill related preservation activities at Historic Mill Sites.