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Wind Energy Specialist

Professional Capabilities


Windfarm owner’s representative: planning, development, installation contractor & personnel management

Supervision of plant operations and real estate, maintenance & service- Expert turbine operator

Litigation support, expert witness testimony, acquisition & condemnation, equipment and wind property appraisals, due diligence expert, Technology & patent research, turbine inspection, insurance claim expert witness, --prepare reorganization plans for bankruptcies

Real Estate appraisals, project permitting, environmental & community relations management, Decommissioning /site restoration & revegetation

Utility power contracts - bid preparation & negotiation / green power trading / tariff analysis

Litigation support, project appraisal, acquisition & condemnation, expert witness testimony

Insurance claim and due diligence, turbine inspection - Technology & patent research 

Power line / telecom ROW acquisition, permitting, & compliance; Method of Service design 

Wind permits, land records, tax collector, court docket, business charter & history research

Wind resource site exploration, plant design, meteorological instrumentation, data analysis

ISO, FERC, DOE, CEC, PUC, BLM, & other regulatory analysis

Strong proven ability and intuitive skills in windplant production enhancement

Turbine & controller upgrades / retrofits, new systems developed and contract manufactured

Used turbines and Parts: buy & sell, -export, Site Repowering

Energy Experience

Recent--  Wind Power Consultant 
New site developments -  Prepare LADWP and other utility power purchase agreement wind bid responses-  create land bid RFPs and negotiate leases - used turbine sales business - Real Estate and turbine appraisals for California Superior Court cases as an Expert Witness in wind energy.   Conducted site selection field work in South America.  Served as energy consultant, senior staff, Campaign Manager, and Treasurer to state political party coordinated campaigns and to federal congressional candidates and nominees in 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2004 primary and general elections.
1997-98 Vestas / Micon / Oak Creek Energy - now Allco - Tehachapi - Mojave California -50 MW Windfarm Construction Superintendent and Site Manager. As the top man actually on site, I coordinated dozens of contractors for the installation of the tallest wind turbines in the Americas with no injuries. Additional site responsibilities included several large cattle grazing experiments in revegetation, and negotiating the deal and managing dozens of contractors with the installation of the first major fiber line and regeneration station between Los Angeles and San Francisco that went through several miles of Oak Creek wind farm property.  I consulted the Oak Creek executives in the 1980's and 1990's on the preliminary development of their !.5 Gigawatt power purchase contract with Southern California Edison and regulatory planning for the proposed 500kv powerline system to connect this largest ever windfarm planned when anounced in 2006.
1996-97 Ottomatic Engineering Corp.,Wash. DC -Water Jet Operator / Machinist / Purchasing
1993-98 Justified Energy Development / Flowind / Advanced Wind Turbines, Inc. [ AWT ]- Lynette, Tehachapi -Power Contract Researcher, Plant Ops, Assist. to Site Manager
1989-93 Oak Creek Energy Systems, Inc., Tehachapi, 27 MW - WindPlant Operator, Lead Night Operator for 5 full years.
1985-93 Enertech -Tehachapi, 2MW Owners Representative - Permitting -Construction Site Manager - Expert Court Witness in case between investors, developer, and property lease holder
1984-95 Difwind III project, Technical Director  - Sandberg Wind, Palm Springs, 15 MW, - Technical Director. Was the largest wind single wind farm construction project in the world.
1984 Laing Thermotech / Pyron Inc., San Diego, - Solar Energy Researcher & Innovative wind turbine research
1983-84 Triad / ESI -Energy Sciences, Inc., Palm Springs, 20 MW - Director of Technical Operations and Vice President of Field Services
1983-86 Global Access, Ltd., Palm Springs/Pacheco Pass, 15MW -V. P. Field Services
1981-1983 Cojo Wind, Del Mar, California. Vice President. Was the largest installer of backyard turbines in California. Did permitting in nearly a dozen counties. I sold the turbines for the first southern California windfarms.
1980-81 Energy Unlimited, Inc., Philadelphia, - Wind Turbine Research Analyst. Marketed Northern Power Systems, [ Northwind ] high reliability turbines all over the world. Also directed salesman selling Windworks turbines.
1977-79 WTG Energy Systems, Inc., New York, -Market Analyst 10 300KW wind turbines. Sold 300 KW turbines to Nova Scotia Power Corp., Pacific Power & Light, and to the Central Electricity Generating Board of Great Britain
1977 UNITED NATIONS, New York, Energy Section, - Renewable Energy Affairs Officer
1976-77 International Government Public Relations, Washington D.C., - Energy Account Executive. Published 444 page jurisdictional directory ENERGY ATLAS of Federal, state, and city government energy offices and energy trade associations.
Consulting Clients:
SeaWest, Southern Californian Edison, Dynergy, Wind Energy Owners Association, Wind International, Windmatic, Native American Tribal councils, E3 , Dressel Enterprises, Windfarms Ltd., San Gorgonio Farms, Wind Harvest, J -Tech Anemometers, Wind Baron, G & G Oil field Maintenance, Nippon Steel, Lund Enterprises, American Energy Research, WWT, P & M WindPower, Mehrkam Energy Development, Cojo Wind, Energy Equipment Sales, TransPower,  architect William McDonough,, Halus Power



M.A.,Wind Energy Systems,Goddard College, Vermont 1978,
B.S. Mass Communications,Towson University & University of Wisconsin at Green Bay & University of New Mexico
Windmill Technology,1977 New Mexico Solar Energy Institute
United States Air Force Auxiliary -Lt. Colonel. 1968-1977 Aerospace Education, Aircraft Search Rescue and Recovery & advanced wilderness Survival. International Air Cadet Exchange to Swedish Air Force, 1976. Graduated U.S. Air Force ground radio school, Keesler AFB, Mississippi, 1973. Served as FEMA Civil Defense Radio operator.



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