Voyage of S/V Pelagian

Port Gamble, WA

June 22, 2002

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Letters from Pelagian:

1/17/01 Ensenada

1/23/01 Bahia San Bartolome

2/02/01 offshore, SE of Turtle Bay

2/04/01 Bahia Santa Maria

2/08/01 Man-o-War Cove

2/16/01 Man-o-War Cove

2/20/01 Cabo San Lucas

3/01/01 Los Frailes Bay

3/05/01 Ensenada de Los Muertos

3/31/01 La Paz

4/30/01 La Paz

6/01/01 La Paz

6/10/01 Puerto Escondido

6/20/01 Santa Rosalia

6/30/01 San Carlos

8/14/01 Seattle

5/18/01 Port Gamble

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